Medical devices OEM custom printed band aid elastic cohesive bandage (60501451226)

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Product Overview


_02.jpgMedical devices OEM custom printed band aid elastic cohesive bandage

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Product Description

Changzhou Hualian Medical Adhesive Band Aid could be made of non woven, PE, fabric, elastic fabric material. It is used for minor cuts, scrapes abrasions, and puncture wounds .It's gentle and comfortable, can be used in hospitals or for personal care. Different sizes and material could meet various applications.






Plasters/ Bandages
HL110176mm×50mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL110276mm×38mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL110376mm×25mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL110476mm×19mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL110572mm×25mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL110672mm×23mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL110772mm×19mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL110870mm×18mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL110965mm×40mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL111065mm×19mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL111160mm×19mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL111255mm×40mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL111350mm×40mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL111440mm×10mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL111538mm×38mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL111638mm×19mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL1117φ25mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL1118φ22mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL111970mm×12mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL112045mm×10mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL112145mm×51mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL112276mm×45mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL112356mm×36mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL112472mm×45mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL112576mm×38mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL112676mm×45mm100pcs/box, 50boxes/ctn
HL112776mm×76mm50pcs/box, 50boxes/ctn
HL112898mm×60mm50pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL1129100mm×50mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL1130114mm×50mm100pcs/box, 100boxes/ctn
HL11314mm×10mm10pcs/box, 360boxes/ctn
HL11326mm×10mm10pcs/box, 360boxes/ctn
HL11338mm×10mm10pcs/box, 360boxes/ctn
HL11344mm×100mm1pcs/box, 360boxes/ctn
HL11356mm×100mm1pcs/box, 360boxes/ctn
HL11368mm×100mm1pcs/box, 360boxes/ctn
HL11374mm×500mm1pcs/box, 96boxes/ctn
HL11386mm×500mm1pcs/box, 96boxes/ctn
HL11398mm×500mm1pcs/box, 96boxes/ctn






Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1. Q: Can we get samples?


     A: Yes, you can get samples for free if less than 30 pcs. If higher sample quantity, the cost of sample and freight of express is               on buys' account, we will return the cost after you placing orders.


2. Q: How long can we except to get samples?


     A: Samples will be sent out within 3-5 days for regular products.


3. Q: Can we print my own logo?


     A: Yes, of course. OEM services are available.


4. Q: Where is your main market?


    A: Mainly in America, European, and Russia.


5. Q: What is the normal lead-time?


   A: 60days for first order, 30-45days for regular orders.


6. Q: Why the MOQ is 100,000pcs, can we make bandages less than this quantity?


     A: If the quantity is small, the cost will be high, if you want to have a small quantity, it’s ok, but the price will be recalculated,                 normally higher than MOQ.


7. Q: What is your main shipping terms?


    A: For trial order, FEDEX, DHL, TNT, UPS etc. can be provided.

        For large order, we can arrange shipment by sea, by air according to your requirements.


8. Q: What kind of certifications do you have?


    A:  ISO13485-2014, CE, TUV, BRC, BSCI

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