Sunwoald G3/4" 1~60L/min Plastic boiler Water magnetic Hall effect flow meter

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Product Overview



Plastic Magnetic Water Flow Rate Sensor

Product Description


Product Description


Working theory:


The magnetic hall flow sensor is a device used to sense the water flow rate in a tank. There is a Hall element in the flow sensor. When liquid flows by the sensor, it drives the Hall element inside the sensor to rotate. By calculating the rotate speed of the element, the water flow sensor can give a precise outcome of the water flow rate passed by the pipe.


Product Application

The magnetic hall flow sensor can be used to monitor liquid flow rate in water machine, water heater, coffee machine, vending machine, water meter, medical testing machine and the like. They are widely applied in industrial equipment, agricultural equipment and household electrical appliances in the future.



Product Specification


Electrical Characteristic

Technical Characteristic

Suffering Pressure


Mounting Position

Vertical or Horizontal

Operate Temperature

-40 °C ~ +105°C

Output Pulse Duty Cycle


Flow Pulse

F=5.5Q Q=L/min

Max Output Pulse Voltage


Working Current

15mA Max

Min Output Pulse Voltage


Min Insulation Resistance

100m Ohm

 Electrical Life

1x 107(5Vdc,10mA) 

Flow Range


 Material PA66 +30% Glass


Product Image


4 block pic-fs-300a-g0.75.png


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