Brake Lever Over Center Locking Hand Control

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[Brake Lever Over Center Locking Hand Control]

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Description:                                                                   Applications:                                

Brake Lever                                                                       • Mobile equipment
Industrial Over Center Locking                                          • Industrial equipment
Hand Control

Features:                                                                         Material:              

• Loads: 1000lb                                                                   • Coated Carbon
• Travel: 2-7/16 maximum                                                      Steel
• Side and flange mounting                                                 • Non-corrosive
• Epoxy finish or electrostatic                                                 Bushings
   paint on lever and side plates                                          • Plastic Knob
• Corrosion-resistant
• Attachment hardware included
• Tamper-resistant knob
• Weather-resistant switch



[Hand Control Industrial]

Our park brake levers offer superior performance, quality and service life to both the designer and user. The lever has two distinct positions, over-center and off, which are approximately 90° apart. There is no ratcheting to limit travel or secondary unlocking required for operation. A heat-treated 4130 load link provides an excellent combination of qualities for durability and reliability. An integral adjusting knob allows for setting the initial cable tension, travel, and to compensate for system wear. Side or flange mounted configurations are available for increased adaptability. The input lever and side plates have anepoxy finish or electro-static paint, and all other components are coated for corrosion resistance. A tamper-resistant knob to inhibit unauthorized adjustment, and a weather-resistant switch at the off position, are both available as options. The levers are supplied with hardware necessary to attach the cable end fittings to the load link. Technical descriptions show the various choices available to meet specific customer needs.


[Brake Lever]




• Dimension A is with the lever in full “OFF” position. Use dimension A in calculating cable length.
• Dimension B minimum is with the lever in full “ON” position and adjusted for minimum (CCW) travel. Use 

  dimension B minimum during installation and initial adjustment. Turn knob (CW) to add  travel and increase

   brake pressure setting.
• Dimension B maximum is with the lever in full “ON” position and adjusted for maximum (CW) travel.


Side Mount 165-508-008



Side Mount 165-508-009



Flange Mount 165-508-010



Side Mount 165-508-011



Side Mount 165-508-013



Flange Mount Rigid 165-508-023



Side Mount 165-508-028



Flange Mount 165-508-078



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