organic fertilizer additive agriculture waste biological microbial fermentation

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azotobacter microorganismBacillus megaterium

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Product Description


Home food waste degradation & fermentation microorganism agent
The Food waste degradation & fermentation microorganism agent is a high technology biological inoculant .The product could quickly ferment the food waste ,Garden agriculture waste ,straw and other organic waste material, promote the organic waste degrade into free form nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (NPK),organic matter which easily be uptake by corps, also could produce amount beneficial microorganism which could promote the plant growth, increase soil organic content, promote the corps viability, improve the soil structure, improve the corps quality, reduce the economic cost and promote the agriculture sustainable development.

1.The product have super degrade and ferment ability which could quickly increase composting temperature ,high temperature could promote decomposition the organic waste material, kill pathogenic bacteria/insect egg/grass seed.
2.The product could quickly decompose the straw’s wood fiber,food waste fiber by water soak application, degrade the fiber into fluvic acid, humic acid, amico acid, promote the straw quickly decompose into nutrient which could be uptake by corps.
3.Improve the soil microorganism system, increase the root beneficial bacteria activity, stimulate root growth.
4.Loosening soil, holding the water and fertilizer, increasing fertilization content.

1.The product could be used mixed with base fertilizer ,main used in home food waste degrade,straw land ,suggest dosage is 1-2kg/Chinese acre
2.The product could be used mixed with food waste ,animal manure or other organic waste material ,1 kg product could ferment about 2-3 Ton organic material.

Main ingredient:
Viable colony forming unit (cfu) ≥0.2billion per gram
Organic matter ≥30%
Humic acid≥25%
Biochemical fluvic acid≥15%
Rare earth chelate trace element ≥10%

1.Away from child.
2.The product could mixed with chemical together ,but could not use with pesticide together,
3.The product should store in cool condition ,avoid light ,keep seal after using
Shelf Time: Two Year.


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