Disposable Sterile Medical Hypodermic Injection Needle 5 Needle From 15G to 30G Hypodermic Needle Manufacturers (60515453140)

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Disposable Sterile Medical Hypodermic Injection Needle 5 Needle From 15G to 30G Hypodermic Needle Manufacturers


*Disposable needle manufactured by automatic machine according to ISO 7864:1993  standard.

*Sterilized by EO gas, sterile, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic ,single use only.
*The needles of sizes: 14G,16G,18G, 19G, 21G, 22G, 23G, 24G, 25G, 26G,
27G, 28G, 29G, 31G available.

*High quality stainless steel.

*larger inner diameter, high flow rate.

*Needle bevel enables smooth, sharpness maximize, patient comfort.

*Color coded hub by size for clear recognition.

*Semi-transparent hub for clearness of flashback.

*Needle hub: made of medical grade transparent PP.

*Needle protector: made of high transparent medical grade transparent PP.

*Lubricant :silicone oil ,medical grade.

*Quality certificates:CE0123/ISO13485/GMP.

*Scope for use: for muscle injection ,infusion, dispensing drug .(subcutaneous, intradermal, intramuscular, intravenous ,oral, nasal or rhino injection).

*Custom needle size as per customers specifications.
*Samples are free of charge .

 *Blister or plastic package: medical grade paper and plastic film.

SPEC.COLOR COAD       NEEDLE LENGTHBevel Angle             ID
OD (mm)SIZE (GAUZE)(Inch/mm)ETW/ RW /TW
2.114GPale Green11/2" (38mm)ShortTW
1.815GBlue-grey11/2" (38mm)ShortTW
1.616GWhite11/2" (38mm)Long+ ShortTW
1.218GPink11/2" (38mm)Long+ ShortTW
1.119GBeige11/2" (38mm)Long+ ShortTW
0.920GYellow11/2",11/4",1 (38mm)LongTW
0.821GGreen1,11/4",11/2",2 (25-32-38-50mm)LongTW
0.722GBlack1,11/4",11/2" (25-32-38mm)LongTW
0.623GBlue1,11/4",11/2" (25-32-38mm)LongTW
0.5524GPurple3/4", 1,11/4",11/2" (20-25-32-38mm)Long+ ShortRW & TW
0.525GOrange11/2",11/4",1,5/8 " (16-20-25-32-38mm)Long+ ShortRW & TW
0.4526GBrown1/2",5/8 " (13-16mm)Long+ ShortRW
0.427GGrey1/6",1/4",1/3",1/2" ,5/8 " (4-6-8-13-16mm)Long+ ShortRW
0.3628GBlue-green1/6",1/4",1/3",1/2" ,5/8 " (4-6-8-13-16mm)Long+ ShortRW
0.3329GRed1/6",1/4",1/3",1/2" ,5/8 " (4-6-8-13-16mm)Long+ ShortRW
0.330GLight Yellow1/6",1/4",1/3",1/2" ,5/8 " (4-6-8-13-16mm)Long+ ShortRW
0.2531GBlue1/6",1/4",1/3",1/2" ,5/8 " (4-6-8-13-16mm)Long+ ShortRW

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*High quality products support you to win your market. 
*Commit to new and innovative technology to meet latest market demand.
*Develop new and unique products with you.
*Any suggestions for our products and price, etc. are welcomed.



Q1. How can I get a sample of any product for confirm the quality?

A:1. Please give us your exactly specs details. We can provide you a sample according to your specification.
   2.You can send us a sample, we can give you a counter sample according to your sample.

Q2. How can I get a price of needed product?

A: 1. Please give your exactly specs details to us. We can give you a sample and price according to your specification .
    2.You can send us a sample, we can give you a counter sample and price according to your sample .
    3. If you don't know any specification, You can give us the pictures of the product, and the usage, we can give you a estimated price according to our experience. But exactly price must after we checking your original sample.

Q3. I don't know the material or any other material information, how can i order this from you.

A: It's the best way if you can send us a sample, so we can according to your sample give you a counter sample for checking the quality, also we will quote a price for you checking the cost. After confirmed all of this. You can contact our sales for an order.

Q4. I am a small wholesaler, do you accept small order?

A: It's no problem if you are a small wholesaler, we would like to grow up with you together.

Q5. I am a designer, Can you help me to produce the sample which we designed?

A: Our mission is to  help customers to be successful. So it's welcome if we can help you solve problem and make your design come true.

Q6.Can you make OEM or ODM service?

A: Yes. We can accept OEM service. Meanwhile it's also welcome to choose our ODM products.

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