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 1. Two kinds of materials with different thickness for your choice, 
      Red mud composite membrane: 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.8mm.
     High strength industrial polyester damp net cloth: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm.
    Due to the chemical reactions in the digester we suggest the second material.

  2. Size, we can produce different sizes according to your need. Normally, 8 CBM and 10CBM biogas 
        digester will be enough for household plant. 

ACME Biogas storage bag use PVC material, creep resistance, high peel strength, good air tightness, ageing resistance, low cost etc.It is light weight, convenient transportation, easy installation, produce gas quickly, front-rear easily, and make us budget.
 Brief Introduction:

The digester is teapot shaped with gas outlet hole, feed inlet, and material outlet, with pipes assembled. The diameter of the feed inlet and material outlet both are 200-300mm, big enough for the material goes in/out smoothly. Meanwhile the feed inlet and the material outlet are whole 
welded, not bolt connected, which makes it more light and better tightness.
Normally the digester can be installed under the ground, half under the ground, or on the ground, that depends on the 
local environment.

Detailed Images

A. long use life, normal use up to 15 years.
B. high temperature resistant (50°C)~(- 20°C), acid and alkali resistant, lightning protection, earthquake, ripstop, flame retardant.
C. built pool for 100% success rate.
D. venting rate is high, won't appear build pool air-leaks phenomenon.
E. high safety, no clear pool, no human dangerous.
F. effectively solve the problem of the Crusting
G. after the moving, can repeat to disassemble with only air.
H. short time limit, general just need 1 day can build the pool, and the next day can be put into use.
I. specialist himself, no need simple maintenance can begin.
J. built pool, the ground is flexible, can be built underground pool.
K. but fold, light weight, easy to transport and the costs is very low.

 Tips for Household Biogas Digesting:
The material feed of household biogas project is normally divided into two types, one at a time feeding(staw), or continuous feeding(animal waste or human waste).

Take the continuous pig manure feeding household biogas plant for example (according to the daily temperature in south China), for a 8CBM soft digester the available fermentation volume is about 6CBM, then following will be the material we need to product biogas, 

1). 1200kg pig manure(the Total Solid rate of pig manure is 18%)

2. 500kg prepared inoculum. 

3). 3300kg water. 

4). Because the digester is installed with the pigpen and the toilet so the daily feeding is automatic.

For you information: the Inoculum is for speeding up the biogas fermentation which is rich of Methane bacteria substance. Normally can be prepared by local material, 500kg inoculum can be produced by 250kg sludge and 250kg animal waste after 10 days sealing.

Packing & Delivery

Packaging Details:Standard export package

Delivery Detail:7 days

Our Service

1,We will provide all the details to you during the massproduction

 2,Customize your mould according to your need if have considerable orders

 3,Your requirements and complaints are highly respected

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WUHAN ACME AGRO-TECH CO.,LTD limited company is located in the nine provinces of the beautiful.

Jiangcheng, Wuhan, the company is now in a number of domestic, international famous food and agriculture colleges, scientific research institutions, the company carried out extensive and in-depth technical and business cooperation, and establish a long-term strategic cooperative partnership.

ACME focus on agricultural machinery, food machinery, bio-energy, agricultural engineering and food engineering etc. After many years’ of development, ACME already had customers from all over the world like North America,South America,Southeast Asia,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,East Asia,Central America etc.. Also we have contracted three sets of rice mill plant for UNDP agriculture project in Benin and projects for others UN agro & food engineerings.

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