Industrial Quartz Sand Filter Activated Carbon Filter Price Media Filter for water treatment (60517235681)

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Industrial Quartz Sand Filter Activated Carbon Filter Price Media Filter for water treatment


Product Description



When filter is under operation, the original water flow into packing layer advective by through the upper water distributor, in where matched with spherical shell. Impurities are hold back at packing layer. Then Collector under filter will accept these water, and flows out them. One thing needs to emphasizes that advective filtering can improve the filter efficiency under the high speed operation



Working Principle

 The most practical, cheapest and basic type of water filtration is a carbon filter to clean water. Carbon filters have a multitude of applications including filtering drinking water and keeping a fish aquarium's water from getting murky. While it can remove some particles that cloud the water, reduce nasty chlorine residue and can even help to reduce odors, thus improving the general taste and clarity of water, it does have its limitations when it comes to microbe and bacterial removal.




With a carbon filter process, water passes through activated carbon which is porous, trapping certain particles that are attracted to the porous material. The size of particles attracted depends on the size of the pores or micron rating. However, not all particles are attracted to the active carbon filter.

And at some point it loses its ability to attract particulates and must be changed in order to be effective.


In the process of filtering water, activated carbon is often used to remove contaminants and impurities. Carbon is probably the most absorbent material known to man, and it is uniquely efficient because of thousands of tiny pores that can absorb. For example, a pound of activated carbon provides 125 acres of filtering surface area. The carbon is positively charged to attract negatively charged impurities such as chlorine, chemicals and volatile organic compounds.

Most carbon water filters are either made with granular activated carbon (GAC), or powdered block carbon material. Those with carbon block are the most effective, since there is a larger ratio of activated carbon surface area to water, and also because the powdered block form is denser and water travels through it more slowly. The larger surface area created by the block carbon, and the more time the water is in contact with the carbon, the more contaminants are removed.


The multi-media filtration water treatment equipment    mainly takes the quartz sand,blind coal and so on as the filtration medium to remove the suspended solids,mechanical impurities,organics and to lower the turbidity of the water. 


The active carbon filtration water treatment equipment mainly   takes the active carbon as the filtration medium to absorb & remove the pigment,organics,residual clorine and colloid etc in the water.


The manganese sand filter   mainly takes the natural or synthetic manganese sand as the filtration medium to remove the divalent iron ions,manganese ions in the water and to lower the turbidity of the raw water 



The multi-media filter

It is able to remove the big suspended solids, lower the water SDI,meet the requirement for the deep purification water;

advantages:cost saving;lower operating expense;easy to operate;the filtering media can be used repeatedly after backwashing;long service life 

The active carbon filter

High efficiency;lower operating expense;lower maintaining charges;lower one-time investment;lower head loss;lower requirement for inflow water quality;stable effluent quality;brilliant filtration,easy to reorganize & expand,smaller land covering,good appearance

The residual clorine in the water after being filtered by active carbon filter is no more than 0.1PPM

The performance to remove the odar,organics,colloid,iron and residual clorine is outstanding;

It's conductive to lower the turbidity,chroma,water quality purification and to reduce the pollution to follow-up systems

The manganese sand filter

Smaller filtration resistance,the specific surface area is bigger,higher deironing efficiency

Diversified running modes,both manual operation and PLC full automatic running is acceptable;in automatic mode,it can be controlled by plane multitanderm valve or several automatic valves


 Technical details:


Raw water requirement:

  • Iron content: ≤20mg/L; 

  • Manganese content: ≤3mg/L;

  • Raw water turbidity: <20FTU;

  • Alkalinity: ≤2mg/L;

Working Environment Parameters

  • Working Temperature:5-60℃

  • Working pressure: ≤0.6MPa

Operating Parameters

  • Working style: pressure style

  • Operating style: Current top-down

  • Filter speed: 6-10m/h(remove iron),5-8m/h(remove manganese)

  • Operation period: it depends on raw water condition, not less than 8 hours


Filter technology parameters: 


Filter filtration rate: 8 ~ 300m3 / h 

Flow Velocity: 8-15m/h
Backwash time: 10 to 15 minutes
Working pressure: ≤ 0.6Mpa 

Water outlet: 2-5mg/L

Water inlet: <10mg/L

Water outlet: <2mg/L

Design temperature: 5 ~ 50C 
Single sand filter straight Height: 1500mm
Activated carbon / cationic resin filter Height: 1000mm



Specification Sheet






Using scope for Sand Filter Machine

 1. Chemical: Resin powder, palette, washing powder, paint, soda and citric acid, etc.

 2. Abrasive material and ceramic industry: alumina, arnaceous quartz, slurry, and spray soil grain etc.

 3. Food industry: Sugar, salt, Alkali, monosodium glutamate, milk powder, soybean milk, yeast, juice, soy sauce, vinegar etc.

 4. Paper Making Industries: Coated slurry, exhaust liquid, paper making liquid and waste water reclamation, etc.

 5. Metallurgy and mining: Titanium oxide, zinc oxide, electromagnetism materials, metal materials, welding rod materials, etc.



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