36 chicken egg mulit bird egg tray incubator price in Uganda for sale WQ 36

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Product Overview


egg incubator price.jpg36 chicken egg mulit-bird egg tray incubator price in Uganda for sale WQ-36 

Main Technical Parameters of chicken egg incubator:

1. Range of temperature display: 5~50°C
2. Precision of Temperature control: ±0.1°C
3. Range of humidity display: 0—99%RH
4. Precision of humidity display: 1%RH
5. QTY of output circuit: 7 (overheat,heat control,low temperature,egg turning in left & right direction,humidity control,alarm)
6. output current: heat control,low temperature in 10A, others in 1A
7. Times of egg turning: Max record is 999 times.
8. Period of egg turning: adjustable between 0.1 and 99.9 hours (Fixed in 1.5 hours when delivery)
9. Time of egg turning: adjustable between 1 and 255 seconds (fixedin 180 seconds when delivery)
10. Period of ventilation: adjustable between 5 and 999 minutes (Fixed in zero when delivery, no ventilation)
11. Time of ventilation: adjustable between 0 and 999 second(Fixedin 30 second when delivery)
12. Length of measuring line:around 1.5meters
13. Lifetime: 10-12 years.

Brief intruduce of duck egg incubator:

[Item No.]:WQ-36



[Package Size]:51*cm*53cm*30cm(L*W*H)

[Voltage]:12V-120v/220-240v   50-60HZ

[Capability]:Chicken/Pigeon eggs        36pcs

                       Duck/Turkey eggs          36pcs

                       Bird/Quail eggs                144pcs

                       Goose eggs                      36pcs 

Status of Home Use chicken egg  Incubator WQ-36

chicken egg incubator.jpg

Detailed Photo Show of chicken egg incubator:


Inside Show of egg incubator:

egg incubator price.jpg

Outside Show of egg incubator:

egg incubator price.jpg

Overlook of egg incubator with the Insulation Box:

egg incubator price.jpg

Spare Part of egg incubator Show:

egg incubator price.jpg



Use Tips

How To Test Egg Incubator When You Receive:
1:Testing your unit for the first time;
1.1: Connect the egg turner plug to the control plug inside the egg compartment;
1.2: Connect the provided power supply to the back of the unit and your power source;
1.3: Switch on your power source;
1.4: Switch your unit on;
1.5: You will hear an alarm sounding due to low temperature/humidity;
1.6: Press the green buttons to cancel the alarm;
1.7: By opening the incubator and filling the water channels you will notice the humidity reading increase;
1.8: Let the unit run for 2 hours to note the egg turner turning.


2:Setting the temperature

 3:Temperature alarm paramenter settings(AL and AH);

 4:Humidity alarm paramenter settings(AS);

 5:Calibrating temperature sensor reading(CA);

 6:Temperpature Upper and lower limit set(HS AND LS);

 7:Heating Element(HU AND HD);

 8:Display Symbols;

 9:Using your incubator.




Useful Hatching Info of chicken egg incubator:


duck egg incubator.png

Packaging & Shipping
Best Carton Packing with foam,the best export standard package.
chicken egg incubator.jpg


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Company Information


We Dezhou WEIQIAN Import & Export Co., LTD  is the LEADING PERFESSIONAL COMPANY of egg incubator in China,with Reserch,Manufacture and Sale together. 


Specialized in egg incubator manufacture for nearly 8 years, with all kinds of egg incubator  and accessories,we produce egg incubator with capacity from 8 eggs to 50688 eggs 


Nowadays, we have won the good reputation of  the customers  from all over the world.







 For Detailed information ,pls contact us:

egg incubator price.jpg

36 chicken egg mulit-bird egg tray incubator price in Uganda for sale WQ-36


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