12v battery charger lead acid

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Product Overview


 Automatic Battery Charger   

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Battery Charger   


1.OEM factory 
2.Passed CE/ISO Cert 
3.Have trade with many countries 
4.New product development ability  



Our Capacity:

1)Date of foundation:2005
2)Annual Sales: US$5 Million - US$10 Million 
3)Sales Market: Domestic and Overseas markets
4)About QC: Excellence, quality first is our philosophy
5)Main Products:Specially in  Voltage Stabilizer,Voltage Regulator,Power Supply,AVR,Stabilizer


 Automatic Battery Charger


1. Input Voltage : AC 220V to 240V with Indication
2. Standard Input Lead Three meter with suitable plug
3. Output Voltage DC 12V : Indication with Meter(DC Volt meter 0-30V to read DC output voltage)
4. Output Current 15Amp : Indication with meter 15 Amp to 30Amp
5. Battery Terminal : Positive Lead : Red, Negative Lead : Black
6. Length of Leads for battery charging : Each lead 2 Meter with battery clip (BRASS)
7. Rectification : Full waves rectification


  Automatic Battery Charger

MOQUSD15000, If The Quantity Doesnot Reach MOQ, There Will Be Extra Freight & Custom Charge
PriceRMB EXW price with VAT tax
PackageTo Be Packed In Standard Export Carton
WarrantyOne Year From Delivery Date
InsuranceTo Be Covered By Importor
Shippment portNingbo
ValidityTwo Weeks


 Automatic Battery Charger


Battery Charger User Manual




1.Function Illustration


 Battery Charger.jpg


(1)Charging current indication


(2)Power indication


(3)Charging indication


(4)Over direct current protection


(5)Charging clip


(6)Fast/slow charging select


(7)Charging volt select


(8)Power switch


(9)Power cord




2.Technical Specification


(1)Source power voltage:220V AC+10% 50Hz(110V customization is available)


(2)Charging input voltage:12V & 24V


(3)Input current:10A-50A


(4)Over voltage protection:12V/24V+20%




3.Working Condition


Less than 40℃, dry, no corrosion gas, no flammable and combustible objects. No objects 2 meters around the machine.




4.Usage Guide


(1)Ensure correct charging connection: charger positive wire(red one) connected to battery positive point, charger negative wire(black one) connected to battery negative point. Select 12V or 24V according to battery’s voltage.


(2)Plug charger power cord into city power socket, then select the charging speed(high/low), then turn on the charger power switch. Reversed order is prohibited. If charging speed needs change in the middle of charging work, make sure charging power is cut off firstly, then change the high/low speed selection, then switch on the charger again. Otherwise, power fuse is easy to burn.


(3)Current will naturally come down alongside with the increase of battery voltage during charging, charging current increase is not recommended during this period. When charging is completed, cut off the power, then disconnect the battery.






(1)Charging current should not long time overpass the rated current in case of transformer damage.


(2)When machine doesn’t work, check the fuse firstly. Replaced fuse should confirm with the rated number.


(3)When charging instant current is over rated number, over current protection will start up, charging stops. Around 5 minutes later, over current protection automatically resumes to work, charging happens again.


(4)Ground line is strongly recommended during charging.


(5)Charging connection polarity reverse is prohibited, otherwise automatic power cutoff happens.







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