Modern style bypass heat recovery ventilation air conditioning unit,hvac system central air condition (60529933710)

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Product Overview


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Modern style bypass heat recovery ventilation air conditioning unit,hvac system central air condition

We are BAQ (Building Air Quality)Integrated Solutioner Specialist
Mainly cover below sectors:
Turn-Key Engineering Project
Building HVAC solution (residential & commercial)
Manufacturing Process HVAC Solution
Clean Room Solution (pharmaceutical, electric, food process, laboratory, etc.)
VOCs Solution (volatile organic compounds)
Modern Agriculture (Mushroom, Hatchery, etc.)

Product name
Air handling unit
chiller refrigerator
Stainless steel
Heat recovery,adjust cold/heat/humidity
Home,office,factory,plaza,toilets and other house
Filter class
Place of origin

Air Handling Units AHU

Air handling units’ condition and distribute air within a building. They take fresh ambient air from outside, clean it, heat it or cool it, maybe humidify it and then force it through some ductwork around to the designed areas within a building.

We preserve increasing and perfecting our solutions and service. At the same time, we function actively to do research and growth for OEM Customized Air Handling Unit Ventilation. ahu recuperator. hvac system central air condition

Working principle:

● Both supply fan and exhaust fan are built inside to bring in fresh air and exhaust out the stale indoor air as well, thus to keep indoor space in natural comfort.
● Built-in heat exchanger (rotary heat exchanger or
plate heat exchanger) transfers energy contained in
the outgoing indoor air to the coming fresh air, thus fresh air is precooled or preheated.
● Various functional sections such as filter section, cooling/heating section, humidifying section etc. can be combined together to meet different air treatment requirements.

Main Combination:

modern style air conditioning unitbypass heat recovery ventilation unit

Different type of heat exchangers for option


We offer different types of fans such as direct driven centrifugal fan, belt driven DIDW forward centrifugal fan, and belt driven DIDW backward centrifugal fan etc..

Air filter

In order to ensure heat exchanging efficiency and cleanness, combination of G3 coarse filter and F5 medium filter is selected as standard configuration in HJK AHU.

Our service

What we can do for you?

1) We produce high quality AHU based on clients' need and help clients doing project design.
2) We offer a package(turn-key) service including engineering, design, installation, aftersale service,etc.
3) We are especially professionl and strong in cleanroom HVAC engineering.

What kind of HVAC job that we can do?

1) Medical, Pharmaceutical, Hygienic, Food, Eectronic, Textile, Tobacco Industry, Hotels, Office, Sports Center, Exhibition center, etc.

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AIRWOODS is a leading global provider of innovative energy efficient heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) products and complete HVAC solutions to the commercial and industrial markets. AIRWOODS also offer comprehensive range of solutions for the cleanroom industry, VOC recycling system. AIRWOODS has been in business since 2007 and has continued to grow over the years. Our professional sales and engineers work for your building based on your needs, requirements etc. Whether you are looking for a standard building or indoor air quality equipmentor something completely customized HVAC solution, cleanroom design or VOCs recovery system, we have the resources to provide them.

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