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8nano molybdenum disulfide powder


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Molybdenum Disulphide powder (Nano MoS2) is shiny dark gray powder which has very good chemical stability and thermal stability. Dissolved in aqua regia and concentrated sulfuric acid, insoluble in water and dilute acid; No general chemical reaction with metal surface; Not erode the rubber material; Can be used for processing and storage of spare parts; Maintenance lubrication adhesion; can form a highly efficient dry lubricating film; Is less wear and friction reduction technology.. 
MoS2 nanoparticles, as a solid lubricant, one reason is of its layered structure, between layers of sulfur atoms combined with weak easy-to-slide and showed good friction-reducing effect; the second reason, exposure sulfur atoms of the crystal surface on the metal surface have a very strong adhesion to form a very solid film, therefore lubrication is superior to other general-lubricating materials. As compared with ordinary molybdenum disulfide, Nano molybdenum disulfide has many excellent properties, such as : excellent friction, large active surface area, more adsorption capacity, high reactivity, catalytic properties, especially the performance of catalytic hydrogenation desulfurization more, can be used to prepare special materials, catalytic materials and gas storage. In nano-layers of molybdenum disulfide into the other groups after the formation of intercalated nano-composite materials have many excellent physical properties (such as light, electricity, magnetism, catalysis, lubrication and other functions). With MoS2 particle size becomes smaller, it is attached to the surface of the friction material and the coverage has increased significantly, anti-wear friction properties has also been significantly improved. 







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Molybdenum Disulfide Powder



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Nano MOS2 is mainly used in the industry of machinery lubrication and friction improvement, which can be used as solid lubricating materials. Nano MOS2 shows excellent lubricating property on the condition of ultra-vacuum conditions, high temperature, low temperature, high load, high speed, excellent lubricating equipment. Add oil, grease, Teflon, nylon, paraffin wax, stearic acid, from the efficacy to improve lubrication and reduce friction, extend lubrication cycles, reduce costs, improve working conditions. Can also be used as non-ferrous metals from film and forging film lubricant.
In lubricant applications: not only can improve the oil's largest non-card bite load, but also can reduce wear and improve the friction properties, the mechanism for the average molybdenum disulfide is more prone to friction and chemical reaction than the nano molybdenum disulfide. The formation of sulfur and molybdenum-rich lubricating film, the sky antiwear. Molybdenum disulfide to reduce friction and wear mechanism is completely different from grease.High vacuum can continue to maintain its excellent resistance to friction and wear properties, its main application is for difficult to maintain equipment, such as: space vehicles, satellites and military fields. 
in the composite application: PS/MoS2 nano composites, will have a certain conductivity of MoS2 as a conductive filler to improve the polystyrene (PS) of the electrical properties, it has a certain capacity but will not change the anti-static the insulation.
relative to the general molybdenum disulfide, nano molybdenum disulfide can significantly increase the number of surface atoms, the formation of more sulfur vacancy, to higher catalytic activity and selectivity can be used as heavy oil conversion, oil refining hydrogenation catalyst of high activity, nano-MoS2 in the process of methanation of carbon monoxide as a catalyst with high selectivity and reactivity. Molybdenum Disulfide Nanopowder is a catalyst for coal liquefaction.

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