250m Cable Reel Duct RoddingCane Fiberglass Push Pull Rodder 14mm (60554182305)

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250m Reel Duct Rod Fiberglass Push Pull Rodder 14mm

FRP conduit duct rodder is an ideal tool for underground jobs such as pulling cables and lines through conduits, tubes, pipes or ducts. For its high tensile strength, wear-resistant surface and elastic body, it is widely used in the fields of telecommunication, electric power, water conservancy, etc.

Fiberglass Duct Rodder is built with non-conductive high visibility polymer sheath to protect against rod abrasion and reduce friction. It has excellent bending strength for the rod maneuvering tight turns. And we also supplies a wide range of fiberglass rodders options: mini fibreglass rodder, medi fiberglass rodder and maxi fibreglass rodder to ensure users choose a suitable size for their project. Duct rodder is used for cable pulling. duct rodder price is lower than other from us, because we are duct rodder suppliers. We have many fiberglass duct rodders for sale such as jameson duct rodder, condux duct rodder.

Product Introduction

Structure of 250m Reel Duct Rod Fiberglass Push Pull Rodder 14mm

Fiberglass duct rodding cable snake duct rod
Model specification
Fiberglass (inner) and ABS resin(outer)
Working temperature
- 40 to + 80
Minimum pulling strength
4000 N±5%
Tensile Modulus
Consistency of rod
Flexural Modulus
Elongation at Break
Min. Bending Radius
Tensile Strength
Environmental Stress & Crack resistance

250m Reel Duct Rod Fiberglass Push Pull Rodder 14mm

We Sinta supply high quality fiberglass duct rodder with diameter 4.5-16mm.Accessories such as:

galvanized steel frame,smooth,long service life                                       Rubber wheel,durable,long life,easy to move

Copper head,made of all-copper

Fiberglass rods, with meter maek that inform how long it used in the cable pipe

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More details for 250m Reel Duct Rod Fiberglass Push Pull Rodder 14mm

Color:fiberglass electrical duct rodder can be blue,green,yellow,red,white as the photo shows.

fiberglass electrical duct rodder without wheels

Electrical duct rodder with diameter 4.5mm and 6mm,it is easy to move,and there is no wheels with them.

Fiberglass electrical duct roder with diameter 8-16mm,with rubber wheels,the duct rodder will be easy to take.

Product Processing

250m Reel Duct Rod Fiberglass Push Pull Rodder 14mm

 Hebei Sinta FRP Products Trading CO., Ltd is established in 2011,but our factory have more
than 10 years experience for frp products,especially frp duct rodder,the diameter can be 4.5-16mm,the length can be 30-500m,the color can be customized.
Sinta always supply products with high quality and our excellent service to meet with your requirements,until now we cooperate with countless retailer,OEM,trader for a long time.
Welcome to come and talk with us.
Any requirments will be solved in 24 hours.
We hope to establish long time cooperation with our excellent service

Fiberglass Rodder Application:
♥ Telecom cable.
♥ Pelectrical cable.
♥ Wall and underground conduit.
♥ Walker duct and utility installations.
♥ Cable & wire installations.
Fibreglass Rodder Using Instructions:
♥ Before treading, paving wire lines well.
♥ Pull the fiberglass rod to a suitable location from the pilot wheel.
♥ Connecting the fiberglass duct rodder with corresponding metal head, the frp rodder can be used to then.
Fiberglass Rodder Maintenance:
♥ After constructions, the rod should be scrolled into the frame.
♥ Fiberglass Duct rodders are kept in dark place, it is prohibited in the sun exposure, because it will be fracture under long
time exposure.

Product Packing

250m Reel Duct Rod Fiberglass Push Pull Rodder 14mm

Package:pallet,carton,or as the order

Delivery time:within 7-15days after deposit

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