Singjoint Passed CE Liquid Hyaluronic Acid for Horses

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Singjoint non cross linked hyaluronic acid gel helps to lubricate the joint and act as a treatment option if the surfaces of the joint have become rough, but there's no inflammation due to the hyaluronic acid is mainly the basic ingredient of human body.

Injection hyaluronic acid for knees is to remove painful and can treat arthritis. It injects into intra articular and as a supplement to lubricate joint.

The knees with osteoarthritis, the joint fluid (we called synovial fluid) can break down and not provide the cushioning for your knee needs, while our singjoint supplements your knee joint fluid to relieve the pain and improve the knee joint’s natural shock absorbing abilities.

HA knee joint injection feature
1. Microbial fermentation method derived from streptococcus;
2. A mucopolysaccharide naturally occurring in nature;
3. Animal-free;
4. Excellent biocompatibility;
5. Intrinsic composition of joint synovial fluid;
6. Matches healthy synovial fluid;
7. Relatively short course of treatment.

Products Parameter:

Products Name
Knee Joint Injection
Biological fermentation extraction hyaluronic acid
Up to 6 months
More than 6 months
Lubrication and synovial fluid supplements


Feedbacks from Customers:

1).What is knee osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease)?
Osteoarthritis refers to a group of mechanical abnormalities leading to joint destruction with loss of cartilage and subchondral bone.
2).What is the purpose of HA injections?
HA injections may provide pain relief and reduce inflammation. Some studies suggest that HA injections may slow the progression of osteoarthritis.
3).How do HA injections work?
The hyaluronic acid in the injection is similar to the HA that occurs naturally in knee joints. With osteoarthritis, there is
less HA in the joints. The HA is injected directly into the knee joints and acts like a lubricant and shock absorber in the
joints, helping the joints to work properly.
4).Is the HA really from the comb of a rooster? What if I am allergic to chicken products or am a vegetarian?
Many varieties of HA are made from processed chicken or rooster combs and should not be used in people with egg or poultry allergies. However, other varieties are synthesized in the laboratory and may be used in people with egg allergies, or who prefer injections that are not animal-based.
5).What are the side effects of HA knee injections?
As with any kind of knee injection, there is the potential for knee joint swelling, pain, and infection. With HA injections,
there may also be risk for allergy and pseudoseptic reaction (significant knee swelling, redness, and pain).
6).How often are HA injections given?
Some varieties of HA injections may be given on a one-time basis. Most commonly, injections are given once weekly for three to five weeks. If the injections are effective, they may be repeated at six month intervals or greater for recurrent knee pain.

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