Near infrared keys backyard sauna with control panel

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SMARTMAK:We Are Professional Sauna Manufacturer for 13 Years

1.Quality frist,reputation above all.
2.Sample is acceptable,Providing samples within 25 days
3.Reliable and In time 24*7 after sales services.
4.More than 13 years experience in designing and manufacturing saunas.
5.Safe with us, as Smartmak is a branded trademark known to importers/distributors around the world.
6.OEM and ODM projects are very welcome. We have high-quality R & D team to building better products.
7.2 years warranty

Product Description

90L*90W*190H cm
1 person size
120L*105W*190H cm
2 person size
150L*120W*190H cm
3 person size
180L*120W*190H cm
4 person size

Details information of infrared sauna:
1.Material:Solid wood hemlock/Red Cedar
2.Dimensions:150L*120W*190H cm
4.Voltage:110/220/230/240/250V,50/60HZ(According your request)
5.Temperature:60 ℃(140 ℉)(For bulk order,we can make higher temperatures according your request)
6.Time:5-99 minutes
7.Heater:6 pcs Ceramic tube(Left, right, back)
9.Carton size:A:179*156*17CM,B:179*107*14CM,C:158*126*20CM,D:144*47*10CM packed in specialied durable carton

10.Standard configuration includes accessories:
oxygen ionizer,Music system(Speakers),USB Radio+Bluetooth,Power Supply,Reading lamps,Temp sensor,Hinge,Ventilation,Handle,Manual

11.Functions available for selection.coloured light,Foot heater,Himalayan salt stone,backrest,Cup Holder,Magazine Holder,Towel Rack

12.Common heaters on the market:

Carbon panel

The features of Carbon Fiber Heater Organic Carbon :
People ' s body is made up of carbon and water , so the spectrum from carbon fiber heater is easier to be absorbed by people
Low Surface Temperature : Low surface temperature is more propitious to emit biology far infrared rays
Surrounded Heater : 360 C Surrounded heating make people enjoy the therapy of far infrared rays completely
No Wires Heater : Ultra-conductive carbon fiber heater with sliver strips brings more efficiency and longer life 

Resistant 100% Pure Ceramic Far Infrared Heater

It has many advantages including energy efficient , high strength , safety and long using life The pure ceramic tube making the wavelength of far infrared ays is closely to the human bodies own radial that can be absorbed easily . This technical was created by many engineers whom chosen more than one hundred materials tested once and once

Full spectrum heater(quartz lamp heater)

-Lights that are most similar to natural light can be emitted because the light they emit is full spectrum, that is, all light waves.

13.Material:Hemlock/Red Cedar(Optional)

The difference between red cedar and hemlock

Hemlock:It has high wood density, natural wood grain, good texture, corrosion resistance and no deformation.

Red Cedar:The wood density is high, the wood grain is elegant and noble, it can produce a long-lasting natural wood fragrance, corrosion resistance, no deformation, and the sauna room made of it has the value of collection. 

14.What's the effect?

An Infrared Sauna is a device used to create radiant heat from a spectrum of light through a process called conversion. The spectrum of infrared light used in an Infrared Sauna is 7-14 microns which is the same radiant heat emitted from the earth, but is only a small and highly beneficial segment of the light spectrum emitted from the sun. The infrared segment of light occurs just below the visible level and has the ability to penetrate the body up to 3 inches where it converts into heat for deeper detoxification and other healing benefits.

How to use it

Usage Guide
Allow your sauna to warm up for 15-20 minutes or until it reaches 110 F (43 C). You may close the vent on the ceiling to speed up the pre-heating process. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration before and after the sauna session. It is recommended not to exceed 40 minutes per session.
If the sauna becomes stuffy, open the vent on the ceiling to allow fresh air into the sauna.
-Start using the sauna within 10 degrees before it reaches the set temperature in order to receive the most benefits out of the infrared heaters. For example, if you set the sauna to 125 F (52 C) degrees, you should start using the sauna when it reaches 115 F (46 C) degrees.
-Customers reported an average use temperature of 125 F (52 C) degrees.

Cleaning and Maintenance
-Use a clean damp towel to wipe off the bench, floor and around the back panel. Do not use a towel that is too wet and can drip water inside the sauna and do not use cleaning agents inside the sauna.
-Make sure to keep the sauna dry and clean. Do not leave towels or water glasses or bottles inside the sauna after use. Wipe the exterior surface of the sauna with a towel and clean the glass at least once a month.

Wood Care
-If the sauna exterior body was scratched or scuffed, it can be concealed by using a small amount of furniture polish, oil or other furniture treatment. The interior blemishes, scratches, or scuffs can be either left alone, sanded or combination of gluing plus sanding. Please avoid any treatment containing benzene or a high concentration of alcohol.
-Outdoor models body need to be maintain on regular bases (between 6 months to a year) by polishing or resealing the body as needed. If the varnish is cracked or worn off, sand the surface and re-varnish the affected area. Consult your local handyman or furniture repair professional for more details on how to maintain wood in an outdoor environment.

Packing & Delivery

Total 3 cartons/1.65 CBM
 packed in specialied durable carton (Five layer corrugated carton)

Our Service

1.Your queries will be answered within 10 hours.
2.Fast delivery within 10-15 working day.
3.Our work time:6:00 am-24:00 pm everyday.
4.If you're in our products have any comments or suggestions you can always contact us.
5.Follow status up time by time until the goods arrived.

Smartmak Company

    Hefei Smartmak Co,Ltd is a professional company which are engaging in producing and selling healthy & beauty sauna,folding sauna,far infrared sauna room,as well as other series.the company based on advanced equipments and high quality R&D team to building best products.Most products have been exported to Europe,the Middle East,Southeast Asia, South Korea,Japan,and other countries and regions.

    After many years of development, our company has two production base,one is in Shushan economic development zone, Hefei ,the other is in Zhangzhuang Town, Northern Xuzhou.Our products have passes GS( German) CE(European Union) ETL(North America) SASO(Saudi Arabia) SAA(Australia )and other domestic and international safety certificates.

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