China distributor / dealer mini crafts Laser Engraver making rubber stamp laser engraving machine (60560272615)

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Upgraded 40W USB CO2 Laser Engraver Engraving Cutting Machine Cutter 300x200mm With LCD Display & Rotate Wheels
This CO2 engraving machine, with an engraving area of 12"x8" (30x20cm), integrates the newest light, machine and electricity mechanical movement to design this high precise and high speed three generation modal CO2 LASER Engraver. Equipped with one 40W water cooling laser tube, high precise stepping motors, and high quality LCD control board. It employs a USB port and thus can be connected to your laptop or desktop. By the support of included software, CorelDraw, this machine can work well with multiple graphic formats including EMF/JPG/PLT/WMF. CorelDraw has the ability of both NewlySeal and NewlyDraw and so it can be employed in both carving and cutting works. All laser engraving machines can not carve / cut metal or ceramics.
Note: This engraving machine can't carve metals without alumina coatings. It can only cut non-metallic materials with a thickness of 3 mm and below.


Power: AC110±10%, 60Hz
Laser power: 40W
Laser type: CO2 gas Engraving area: 300x200 mm (12x8 inch)
Motor type: Stepper motor
Power consumption: 300W Free speed: 1-200 mm/s (0.04-7.87 inch/s)
Engraving speed: 1-300 mm/s (0.04-11.81 inch/s)
Cutting speed: 1-10 mm/s (0.04-0.39 inch/s)
Engraving cutting precision: 2500dpi
Positioning accuracy: 0.01mm (0.0004 inch)
Minimum forming text: 2x2 mm (0.08x0.08 inch)
Minimum forming letter: 1x1 mm (0.04x0.04 inch)
Material requirements: Non-metal material
Interface to Computer: USB Port
Software name: Shenzhou easy to engrave
Software support: CorelDraw output
Software environment: Windows XP, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10 Graphic formats supported: All formats recognized by
CorelDraw such as JPG, BMP, AI, PLT, etc.
Operating temperature: 5-50℃ (41-122℉)
Cooling way: Water cooling (water pump include)
Package size: 92x62x40 cm (36.22x24.41x15.75 inch) Gross weight: 25.65 kg (56.55 lbs)

Package Content
1 x CO2 Laser Engraver
1 x Water Pump
1 x Smoke Pipe
1 x Smoke Fan
1 x Power Wire
1 x USB Cable
1 x USB Key
1 x Accessory Bag
1 x Instruction Video
1 x English User Manual

Features & Details
【DURABLE QUALITY】- The CO2 engraving machine adopts a premium 40W CO2 laser tube with a wavelength of 10.6um and high precision stepping motor. It is equipped with a stable clamp to handle irregular-shaped objects and a level board for flat surfaces with a large engraving area of 12"x8" (30x20cm) to carve most small to medium-sized products.
【HIGH PRECISION】- Engraving cutting precision: 2500dpi. Positioning accuracy: 0.01 mm (0.0004 inch). The integrated power supply increases the response speed, performance, and cutting power of your machine while also extending your laser tube's life. It is easy to start and stop with TTL level controls.
【POWERFUL PERFORMANCE】- USB port is available, conveniently connected to desktop or laptop, for more precise control of engraving; The upgraded control panel comes with an LCD for easy & clear observation of machine condition. Engraving speed: 1-300 mm/s (0.04-11.81 inch/s). Cutting speed: 1-10 mm/s (0.04-0.39 inch/s).
【HIGH COMPATIBILITY】- The engraver supports systems of Windows XP, 7, 8, 10. Graphic formats supported: All formats recognized by CorelDraw such as JPG, BMP, AI, PLT, etc. CorelDraw Software included, with the ability of both NewlySeal & NewlyDraw.
【WIDE APPLICATION】- This engraving machine is widely used for engraving on the bamboo piece, planks, boulder, horns, leather, crystal, wood, organic plastic, fabrics, ceramic, etc. Suitable for seal engraving, advertisement, art gift, garment, leather, toy, and other industries.

Features & Details

CO2 Laser Tube
The sealed-off 40W laser tube adopts advanced CO2 technology with increased power and fast operating speeds. And the high-pressure discharge excites a high-concentration CO2 gas to produce a laser with a 10.6um wavelength for effectively engraving and cutting.
Premium Laser Head
The high-precision laser head, with high quality, reliable performance, and durability, improves the engraving precision and performance. Its stable laser beams significantly improve your engraving efficiency for various materials.
Accurate LCD Panel
Temperature display and laser power display make it easier to observe the running condition to correct any engraving or cutting problems. The engraving machine comes with a laser switch, emergency stop switch, power switch, lighting switch for hassle-free operation.

USB Connectivity
The laser engraving machine employs a USB port for convenient connection to desktop or laptop, which obtains a more precise and better control of engraving.
Effective Heat Dissipation
The integrated fan improves ventilation performance, lowers noise levels, and increases portability. A pipeline exhaust fan and air vents are included, which reduce all electronic components' temperature, thus extending its service life.
Convenient Wheels & Handle
With four locking wheels, this portable laser engraver flexibly moves around your workstation at your convenience and locks firmly in place once you're ready to get started. Also, the cover comes with a handle for convenient opening and closing.

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