Fish factory /slaught house /waste water treatment using Microbial Concentrate/bacteria enzyme biochem

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Product Overview


Biological agent for Textile waste water /Bacteria for BOD COD reduction


Brief intro:

It is a microbial-based product containing a highly concentrated blend of non-pathogenic, aerobic and autotrophic beneficial organisms and multi-enzyme producing microorganisms which are able to grow and degrade various carbohydrates and organic substances present in wastewater from industrial sourcesunder aerobic as well as anaerobic conditions. Beneficial organisms in it can degrade the organic materials in industrial wastewater.

The product also contains enzymes of high activities that aid in the digestion of suspended particles and complex materials in the bottom sludge for subsequent conversion into molecules that can be utilized by different microorganisms for metabolism.


 Bacterial Count:                 10 x 109 CFU/gram

 Appearance:                     Cream to light brown, free flowing powder

Odor:                                         Slight fermentation odor

PH range:                                  4.5 - 8.5 (optimum at 7.0)

 Temperature range:                 20-35°C (optimum performance at 25-32°C)

Moisture content:                     8.0%




Unique Bacteria Formula+ Biological Reinforcer+ Micronutrient

  • Eliminates hydrogen sulfide gas, and its accompanying odors, and health hazards.

  • Converts suspended particles and accumulated waste and soluble organics in the sludge to carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen gases, water and sulfates.

  • Breaks down proteins, starches, fats and food-based oils, xylans and cellulose.

  • Reduces TSS, COD and BOD.

  • Reduction of bottom sludge.

  • Reduces nitrate and ammonia efficiently.

  • Eliminates inhibitory effects of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) on nitrification.

  • Can utilize a wide range of carbon sources.

  • Compared with other methods, produce less sludge volume.

  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive. Safer to handle than chemical oxidizers.

Environmentally friendly, all-natural process.

Cost effective,customized ,small order accept .

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