Система водяного насоса на солнечной батарее для глубоководного погружного водяного насоса 100 м, 200 м, 300 м (60564817192)

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Product Overview


Solar power water pump system for 100m 200m 300m borehole deep well submersible water pump


Product Description

Solar Photovoltaic water pumping system is mainly designed for solving daily water use, swimming pool, golf course,cattle breeding, aquaculture and agricultural irrigation in areas that power grids have difficulty in covering.


The system is composed of PV modules, submersible pumps, control inverters and water tanks .

Our Solar water pumps perform equally well in irrigation projects and for wide area of drinking water applications where they reliably meet the most demanding requirements,economically and without the use of fossil fuels or a grid connection.

CertificateCE RoHS TUV ISO
Pump MaterialStainless Steel
FeatureHigh Efficiency
Product nameSolar submersible water pump for borehole deep well
Fuelsolar power
ApplicationSolar pump for submersible, agriculture



solar pump system (4)_.png


Many customers also ask why there is no battery for night or cloudy days.Actually we suggest to build a water tank to instead of battery, because
1) The system with battery will decrease whole system efficiency and increase the cost much;
2) Battery service life is 3-5 years, you will pay a lot of money to replace the old battery;
3) Comparing with battery, water tank is a one time investment, and no need maintenance.


Solar submersible water pump system advantages
No fuel cost - as it uses available free sun light
No electricity required
Long operating life
Highly reliable and durable
Easy to operate and maintain

PLC control
MPPT Technology
Zero Maintenance
Continuous Water Supply for 8-10 hours / Day
Long life up to 25 Years
Compact Design & High Efficiency 



Solar panel 




Solar water pump 

According to different source and purpose,we should choose suitable water pump type .Now the most popular pumps are stainless steel submersible pump ,horizontal centrifugal pump and vertical centrifugal pump .

Water pump

Solar water pump inverter 



PLC control system




Solar mounting bracket 







Customized solar submersible water pump system


Every pumping and stock-watering situation is unique,in order to size and design a system correctly, it would be ideal if could furnish us with following details, so detailed offer can be sent accordingly:




1. Water source: Borehole (Diameter: _______mm) Lake, river, reservoir, dam
2. Average daily water demand: __________ m3
3. H (Vertical height from static water level to the top site): __________m
4. L (Horizontal distance for water transport): _______m



Solar water pump system project show


solar pump system (74).jpgsolar pump.jpg

Solar pumping system123.jpg


Packaging & Shipping




Our Services


Pre-sale service:
1. Free of making offers, craft and technical guidance timely.
2. We can also make customized products according to your needs.

After-sale service:
1. We provide long-term after-sale service.
2. Just call or email to consult any relevant questions since we have a special line of aftersale service which will be available all day,or you can communicate online with our foreign sales and solve the problems.

Company Information

 Yaochuang Energy Co.,Ltd. is a professional solar power system integrator, especially solar water pump system, residence off grid solar power system, on grid solar power plant, solar street light, etc.
Our solar panel & solar pump inverter factory is located in Shanghai, the biggest sea port in China makes transport more convenient.
Sale office is located in Kunming, a very beautiful place be named as Flower city, it is near to Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, and we have installed many solar water pump system in those countries, and get high praise.On the other hand,those provinces------Yunnan ,Guizhou,Tibet, three provinces are rich of solar radiation, we set our office in Kunming to develop the solar power system in those three provinces.


Any question or want to know further about solar products,please feel free to contact us or send inquiry .


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