99.99% purity high working temperature quartz tube for heaters

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99.99% purity high working temperature quartz tube for heaters


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Electro-thermal Film coated quartz tube brief introduction

Mainly used for liquid heating except hydrofluoric.


Crystallite electric heating film is such a technology that changes the surface properties of the base material and turns it into a new electro-thermal material. This process is realized in gas phase, a variety of chemical elements undergo complex physical and chemical reactions in the form of atom, molecule or ion, during which a conductive film consists of atomic and ionic bond is formed on the surface of base material.





Isolation of water and electric, so that avoid accident caused by electric leakage.

Efficient and energy-conservation: More than 96% electrical energy is converted into short wavelength infrared radiation.

Non-luminance: Working below 300℃,it won't give off light; clean, environment-friendly, energy-conservation. And almost no power decrease working below 300C.

Easy temperature control: Fast temperature increase, even heat coverage, easy precise temperature control.

Wide available voltage range: Working voltage rang from 12V~380V, power from 300W to 4000W per single tube.

Durable and long lifetime

Low start-up current, complete parallel circuit, corrosion resistance. Isolation of water and electric, so that avoid accident caused by electric leakage. Up to 30000hours life.

No Scale

Electric film carrier for quartz glass, and quartz glass is not easy to scale, and could keep 98% electric conversion rate during long-term use, which is 20~50% energy saving than Metal electric heating pipe (Metal electric heating pipe will case scale then leads to decrease of electric conversion rate)


Dimension  Tolerance(mm)     
DesignationODWTMax. SidingMax. OvalityMax. Bow

Application of film coated quartz heater tube: Instant Hot water heater, Alkaline water purifier, Electrothermal heater, Oven heating, Aquarium heater,Screen Printing, Drying, Sealing, Food Warming, Plastic Forming, Laminating.


Application of standard clear quartz tube: halogen lamp, mercury lamp, single end lamp,automobile lamp,stage lamp, The thermoelectric boiler, The photocopier lamp, Water treatment lamp casing,quartz ware and pipe.

Application of Ultraviolet quartz tube : Single-ended metal halide lamp,automobile metal halide lamp,G12 metal halide lamp, anti-explosion metal halide lamp, High power stage light and so on.

Application of free ozone quartz tube : Kill germs free ozone light,the material of hospital ,family,and public place Ultraviolet kill germs,and water treatment.


Application of quartz rod : Linear light source products, light guide stick, light pipe, Fiber Lighting, Quartz fiber manufacturing,semiconductor silicon wafer, hollow half round.


Application of quartz plate: military industrial complex, machinery, metallurgy, printing and dyeing, optical instruments, high temperature sight glasses, firehole industries such as high temperature and other industries, electric light source equipment, Labortory instrument, chemical apparatus.



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