arg fiberglass spray up gun roving (60572559981)

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Product Overview


arg fiberglass spray up gun roving

arg fiberglass spray up gun roving


  Product Type


  Direct roving for filament winding   Assembled roving for centrifugal casting
  Direct roving for pultrusion   Assembled panel roving
  Direct roving for weaving   Assembled roving for thermoplastics
  Direct roving for LFT   Assembled roving for GMT
  Assembled roving for spray up   Assembled roving for CSM
  Assembled roving for filament winding  
  Assembled roving for SMC  


DESCRIPTIONglassfiber alkali resistent roving smc


Glass type is E glass non-twist fiberglass roving.Fiberglass roving as per the technical, there are direct/single-end and assembled /multi-end two kinds of fiberglass roving.Fiberglass roving as per the different application, there are filament winding roving, smc roving, csm roving, spray up roving, pultrusion roving, weaving roving, chopped roving, thermoplastics roving, panel roving, lft roving.Linear density have 300tex, 600tex,900tex, 1200tex, 2400tex, 4800tex, 9600tex.
MOQ: one bobbin
Packing: pallet, 20pallets/20’ft


Fiberglass Direct Roving

E-glass direct rovings: Direct roving for filament winding, Direct roving for pultrusion, Direct roving for weaving,Direct roving for LFT and etc.

Fiberglass Assembled Roving

E-glass assembled rovings: Assembled for spray up, Assembled roving for filament winding, Assembled roving for SMC, Assembled roving for chopping, Assembled roving for centrifugal casting, Assembled panel roving, Assembled roving for thermoplastics, Assembled roving for GMT and etc.


Fiberglass roving is widely used in fields like automotive, vessels, gratings, bathtub, FRP composite, tanks, waterproof, reinforcement, insulation, spraying,spray gun,mat,gmt,boat,csm,frp,panel,car body,knitting,chopped strand,pipe,gypsum mold,boat hulls,wind energy,wind blades,fiberglass boat hulls,boats fiberglass,fiberglass pools,fiberglass fish tank,fiberglass fishing boat,fiberglass molds,fiberglass rods,fiberglass swimming pool,fiberglass boats molds, fiberglass pool,fiberglass chopper gun,fiberglass spray gun, fiberglass water tank,fiberglass pressure vessel,fiberglass poles,fiberglass fish pond,fiberglass resin,fiberglass car body,fiberglass panels,fiberglass ladder,fiberglass insulation,fiberglass dinghy,fiberglass car roof top tent,fiberglass statue,fiberglass grating,fiberglass rebar,glass fiber reinforced concrete,fiber glass swimming pooland etc.


01 arg fiberglass spray up gun roving 02 arg fiberglass spray up gun roving 03 arg fiberglass spray up gun roving



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Product Type

Liner Density,Tex

Resin Compatibility



Fiberglass direct roving for filament winding 200~9600 UP,VE,EP
Fiberglass direct roving for pultrusion 300~9600 UP,VE,EP
Fiberglass direct roving for weaving 300-4800 UP,VE,EP,PF
Fiberglass direct roving for LFT 400-2400 PA,PBT,PET



Fiberglass assembled roving for spray up 24,003,000 UP,PU,VE
Fiberglass assembled roving for filament winding 1200-4800 UP,VE
Fiberglass assembled roving for SMC 2400-4800 UP,VE,PU
Fiberglass assembled roving for CSM 1200-4800 UP, VE,EP
Fiberglass assembled roving for centrifugal casting 2400 UP,VE,EP
Fiberglass assembled panel roving 24,003,200 UP
Fiberglass assembled roving for thermoplastics 2000 PP,PBT,PET,ABS,AS
Fiberglass assembled roving for GMT 2400 PP
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1. Down-Lead            

2. Drawing

3. Drying

4. Winding

5. Stacking Packaging

6. Finished Product Packing

04 arg fiberglass spray up gun roving








Best use period:  

15 ℃ - 35 ℃,keep it cool and dry
35% - 65%
Packed with a plastic film bag,then in carton box
In 12 months


11arg fiberglass spray up gun roving





Coating substrate, Construction, Decoration, Electronic, Filter, Fireproof, Industrial,Civil plank, Insulation, Military project, Ship shell structure materials, Sports equipment and aircraft model, Structural support,etc...


fiberglass application.jpg






4 Factories
2300 Workers
3 Production Lines Of Chopped Strand Mat(Standard Width:1600/ 2600/ 3200mm, Customized Width Available)
200 Weaving Equipment
2.6 Million- 5 Million USD Annual Export Value


Factory Capacity: 390000 Tons/Year Of Fiberglass Yarn And Roving

                              67000 Tons/Year Of Fiberglass Mat

                              35000 Tons/Year Of Fiberglass Cloth

Delivery time: 7 Working days

Main Market: Asian,Western Europe,Middle East,South America, South-East Asian

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10 arg fiberglass spray up gun roving






     1. Q: Is it E glass or C glass fiberglass roving?
         A: It is E glass.
     2. Q: What's the product feature?
         A: Environment friendly, high strength, good wet-out,low fuzz,good dispersion.
     3. Q: What's the packing?
         A: Pallet, total 20pallets in one 20'ft, total 18.3tons/20'ft or 19.04tons/20'ft .
     4. Q: What's the payment terms?
         A:  Our company's payment terms is 30% deposit and 70% balance before shipment.
     5. Q: How about the delivery time?
         A:  It is depend on the order quantity,normally one 20'ft container need about 15-20 days.





09 arg fiberglass spray up gun roving 

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