Alkaline Protease/ lipase 2 in 1 /amylase cellulase 4 in 1 mixed Compound blend detergent enzyme powder enzyme granule

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Product Overview


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Brand Yuexiang

I. Brief Introduction:

The Alkaline Protease is a solid enzyme produced by submerged fermentation from Bacillus licheniformis according to the specification of GB/T23527-2009 (China). It is widely applied in food additives, detergent, leather depilation and softening, silk degumming, Heparin Sodium, Chondroitin and etc.


II. Definition of Activity:

One gram of solid Alkaline Protease powder at 40°C and pH 10.5 hydrolyze casein in one minute to produce 1μg tyrosine is defined as one enzyme activity unit and marked with u/g.


III. Characteristics:

1. Alkaline Protease can efficiently hydrolyze the protein into free amino acids.

2. Effective temperature: 20-65°C Effective pH: 8-12

Optimum temperature: 40-50°C Optimum pH: 9-11


IV. Specifications:



Yellow-Brown Powder


Slight Fermentation Odor

Enzyme Activity

100,000 u/g to 400,000 u/g

Water Content  

≤ 8%

Particle Size   

≥80% pass 40 mesh sieve




V. Storage:

Should be stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place; protect from direct sunlight, heat and dampness; avoid storing with poisonous and harmful substances.


VI. Shelf Life:

Enzyme activity remains ≥ 90% after 12 months at room temperature 25°C.


VII. Packaging

25kg/paper drum or as clients’ requirements


VIII. Technical Support and Service:

Weifang Yuexiang Chemical Co., Ltd. will provide technical support service in the whole process. Our professional technicians will guarantee every client to use this product under proper guide.


IX. Precautions:

Enzyme preparations belong to protein, which may induce sensitization and cause allergic type reactions in sensitized individuals. Prolonged contact may cause minor irritation for skin, eyes or mucous membrane of nose, so any direct contiguity with human body should be avoided. If irritation or allergic response for skin or eyes develops, please consult a doctor.


Product name:  neutral protease

CAS NO.: 9025-49-4

EINECS No.:203-104-6


Enzyme activity:30,000u/g to 80,000u/g

Appearance: Yellow-Brown Powder



1.Function mode:It can rapidly hydrolyzed protein as peptone, peptides, and eventually become amino acids.


2.Function conditions:the optimal temperature range 40°C~50°C; the optimal PH range 6.5~7.5.


3.It has a stronger effect on pelt.And the temperature of leather depilation: 36~40°C in summer;and 40~42°C in winter.It also can be stacked for leather depilation in the normal temperature.



Acid Protease is obtained by fermentation of high quality Aspergillus Niger, it can effectively hydrolyzes protein even at low pH. This series of product is widely used in wine, beer, brewing, alcohol, food processing, feed additives, leather treatment and other relative fermentation industries.



One gram of solid Acid Protease powder(or 1ml liquid acid protease) at (40±0.2)°C and pH3 hydrolyzes casein in one minute to produce 1μg tyrosine is defined as one enzyme activity unit and marked with u/g(u/ml) .



1. Effective Temperature: 30-50°C, Optimum Temperature: 40-50°C

2. pH: 2.0-6.0, Optimum pH: 2.5-3.5


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