Wholesale high quality air exhaust muffler /silencer for exhaust system

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Air exhaust muffler /silencer

     Air dryer Silencer((Muffler)) is to prevent sound transmission while allowing air flow through the A device is an important measure to eliminate aerodynamic noise. Muffler is mounted on the aerodynamic devices (such as blowers, compressors, boilers, exhaust port, generators, pumps and other equipment exhaust port noisy) air flow channel or into the exhaust system to reduce noise means.


· Selection and characteristics of a muffler

Muffler selection should be based on fire, moisture, corrosion, cleanliness requirements, the spatial location of the installation, the noise source spectral characteristics, the system of natural acoustic attenuation, system flow noise, the room allows the noise level, allowing many factors pressure loss, equipment prices, etc. considering the actual situation and some emphasis. The general situation is: the muffler greater the volume of consumption, the greater the pressure loss and price; elimination volume is the same, if the pressure loss is smaller, the greater the space occupied by the muffler.

New and efficient anti-spray resistance series muffler device is widely used in power generation, chemical, metallurgy, textile and other industrial factories and mines for various models of the boiler, turbine exhaust; muffler noise reducing security doors and other equipment; fan. The series is based on anti-muffler, spray, resistive composite muffler principle developed, having a silencer capacity, small size, light weight and easy installation, no maintenance and many other advantages.

· Muffler silencing frequency characteristics. Anti-spray resistance muffler for each frequency noise effect is superior.

· Muffler suitable wind speed is generally 6-8m / s, the maximum should not exceed 12m / s, while paying attention to the pressure loss of the muffler.

· Note that the muffler channel cross-sectional area of the net, when the wind pipe and muffler connection, if necessary (when the wind speed limit) required for the enlargement process.

· Muffler muffler equipment installation, there must be independent of the load-bearing suspenders or base; to be connected to the sound source device through the soft joints.

• When two silencers elbow tandem, the connection distance between two bends should be greater than 2.5 times the cross-sectional diagonal elbow.

• For high temperature, high humidity, oil mist, water vapor environment system generally used in the porous structure muffler equipment, such as a requirement to have a clean operating room, studio, clean plant and other environmental systems should be used microporous structure silencer.

· Adjacent buildings piping collusion, pay attention to indoor noise affect each other through the pipe, muffler outlet for processing if necessary.



Muffler mounting direction must be correct, and the wind pipe or flanged fittings should ensure tight and firm. When the air conditioning system thermostat, higher, the muffler housing duct should be the same for thermal insulation.

After muffler installation, cable or wire hanging methods are available for inspection, do not meet the requirements should be trimmed.

After the muffler in place, management should be strengthened to take protective measures. Other non-support and hanger secured to the flange and muffler hanger.

Muffler, bend muffler and other support provided should be installed separately, hanger, so the wind does not bear the weight hanger structure should be based on the situation muffler models, specifications and buildings, in accordance with the national standard or design drawings to use. Muffler should be checked prior to installation position of support and hanger and other fasteners are correct, embedded parts or bolts are securely installed, and reliable. Support and hanger must ensure that bear the load.

Muffler type, size must meet the design requirements, and indicate the direction of air flow.


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