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Product Overview


Product Description

Sodium Polyacrylate Powder as paint thickener
Product Name: Sodium polyacrylate powder
other name: Polyacrylic acid sodium salt
Country of origin: Jiangmen city, Guangdong, China
Usage: Sprinkle sodium polyacrylate powder into the weighed Latex rubber emulsion
Dissolution time: about 20 minutes
Storage method: Avoid sun and rain, moisture and heat
Quality guarantee period: The effective storage period is 2 years.
Model No.: 20S
PH: 7-10
Recommend dosage: 0.5%-1%(according to different customers need)
Feature: Water solubility, Adhesion, Thickening properties(Can thicken under Alkaline), Huge molecular weight, water retaining.


Water retaining and thickening agent for cataplasm,
Water retaining and wetting agent for food,
Additive for feeding stuff,
Modifier for soil,
Thickening agent for paint, adhesive etc.Thickeners for carpet,
Various applications using water retention, water absorption, flocculontbilityHigh molecular flocculants,

Product test Specification:

white powder
Free alkail
Does not appear red with Phenolphthalein reagent
Sulfate ( test SO4) , %                                          max
≤ 0.48
< 0.48
Arsenic ( test As2O3), ppm                                max
≤ 2
< 2
Heavy Metal ( test Pb), ppm                               max
≤ 20
< 20
Residual Monomer, %                                          max
≤ 1.0
Oligomer, %                                                            max
≤ 5.0
Unchanged blue in Iodine
Loss on drying ( 105℃, 4 hours), %                   max
≤ 10.0
Residue on ignition, %                                          max
≤ 76
Viscosity ( Rotational Viscometer, 0.2%
water solution, 30℃), cps
Particle size
100 mesh

Product Application

Application of Sodium polyacrylate as Latex liquid thickener
Sodium polyacrylate thickener is a kind of high-efficiency thickener developed in recent years.The thickening effect and comprehensive performance are very ideal.It is widely used in textile printing and dyeing, leather finishing, paper coating industry, architectural coatings and glues.Its main The advantages are abundant raw material sources, good thickening effect and simple production process, and less environmental pollution.
Sodium polyacrylate thickener was added to alkaline Neoprene latex emulsion and neutral styrene butadiene rubber emulsion for thickening. The test results show that sodium polyacrylate thickener has obvious thickening effect and is resistant to acid and alkali. And it has higher thickening efficiency under neutral conditions.

Comparison test

Adding our sodium polyacrylate to latex paints such as synthetic rubber can maintain the "stickiness" of latex.
As shown in the comparison of the photos on the right, the blackboard is coated with latex (left) and latex with our sodium polyacrylate (right).
The latex with our sodium polyacrylate becomes very viscous.
Therefore, by using this product, the latex paint can be uniformly applied to various complicated surfaces.
Add our sodium polyacrylate thickener to the Neoprene latex and styrene-butadiene emulsion for thickening,
The test results show that the thickener has obvious thickening effect, and is resistant to acid and alkali, and has higher thickening efficiency under neutral conditions.

Usage and precautions:
Dissolution method: Slowly and uniformly add our sodium polyacrylate powder under stirring (note: do not add in large quantities at one time, and the powder should be sprinkled into the weighed emulsion, instead of pouring the emulsion into the powder, otherwise The formation of agglomerated micelles, which is difficult to dissolve), keep stirring until dissolved into a homogeneous solution, the concentration of the solution is generally about 0.5% -1%, and the dissolution time is about 20 minutes.

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