Diameter 600mm Fiberglass Aircraft Warning Sphere

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Product Overview


Diameter 600mm Fiberglass Aircraft Warning Sphere


Product Description

Aviation obstruction marking sphere is designed to provide daytime visual warning or nighttime visual warning if comes with reflective tape, for electricity transmission line and overhead wire for aircraft pilots, especially cross river high voltage transmission lines. RedDot OMARK power line marker ball is made of high-grade Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP), diameter of 600mm and 800mm are available to meet different customers’ needs.

 A marking sphere should be of one color such as aviation orange, white and red. Generally, the marking spheres are placed on the highest line. Where there is more than one line at the highest level, white and red, or white and orange spheres should be displayed alternately. This alternating color scheme provides the most conspicuity against all back ground.


Our warning spheres are composed of two hemispheres with aluminum alloy clamps. These clamps designed depending on the client’s earth wire dimensions. All other hardware is made from stainless steel and provided with spring washers and lock nut which prevent the sphere from slipping. We also provide an easy-to-install guide along with the instrument.


The warning spheres are available in the following colour combinations as per requirements of various aviation regulations world wide.




Aircraft warning sphere (2).jpg Aircraft warning sphere (3).jpg

Technical Details:

Item Name

Aerial marker balls

Visible Distance

1200 meters

Voltage Range


Conductor diameter



Orange, Red, White, Orange/White, Red/White

Sphere body Material

FRP(Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester)

Cable clamp

Aluminum alloy


Stainless steel 304







Drain holes



Preformed Armor Rods,Reflective Strip


2 Years



Obstruction marking sphere.jpg

Aerial marker balls Functions&Features:

• Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer durable material with better weather resistant

• Super corrosion resistant character, stainless steel bolts and nuts

• Aluminum alloy cable clamp guarantees good corrosion resistance

• Various size of cable clamps are available to fit for customers’ cable conductor

• Drain holes structure can prevent accumulated rain water inside the spheres

• Stacking compatible design, save storage space and freight charge

• Optional Preformed Armor Rods provide better protection against vibration and abrasion

• Optional Reflective tape is more durable and economical solution for night visibility

• Both sphere diameters of 600mm and 800mm are available


Applications for Warning Planes:

• Applications for Warning Planes

• High-rise Power transmission Lines

• High slung Cable-car lines

• Ropeway cables

• Guy Wires 


Installation procedure of Power line markers:

1) At the mount point on the alerting ball, wrap cable protecting bars round cables for 1000-1200mm long, with two ends of protecting bars extending 200-300mm beyond the surface of the ball, as shown in Figure 1.

2) Fix the plastic wires which are mounted on lower hemisphere of the ball onto the cables and twist them, as shown in Figure 2.

3) Combine the lower hemisphere with the upper hemisphere according to module codes. Turn the hemisphere during the assembly and make sure two hemispheres are joined into position .

4) Insert stainless steel bolts(M12*35) and then put flat washers and spring washers around each bolt. Tighten each nut at last, as shown in Figure 4.


Obstruction marking sphere Packing and shipping:

Obstruction marking sphere Packing and shipping

Obstruction marking sphere Packing and shipping (2).JPG



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