Unidirectional Glass Fiber Fabric Fiberglass

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 Unidirectional Glass Fiber Fabric Unidirectional Fiberglass 

Multiaxial fabric is non-crimp, multi-axis and multi-layered reinforcement fabric.
Layer count, orientation, weight and fiber content of the layers vary based on product line and application. The layers are stitched via polyester yarn.

Fabrics can be produced using multiple axis (0°, 90°, +45°, -45°) or combined with chopped mat and multiple layers of veil and/or non-woven materials.

The typical applications of multiaxial fabrics are wind energy, marine or ship building, recreation or leisure products, automobiles, aerospace and defense.


One layer or several layers of rovings are paralle placed.The layers of rovings can be stacked in different direction with different density.Then they are stitched by terylene thread. Such fabric with mesh structure is Multiaxial Fabric which is briefly called MWK. It's compatible with UP,Vinylester and Epoxy etc.


The product is widely used in wind power,boat industry,automobiles,aviation,space and sports. The main end products include wind blades, FRP boat hulls, automobile outside fittings, aviation and space products etc.

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