Thermol heat pipe tube solar collector for heating system

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Product Overview


Advantage of solar collector:


1. High heat collecting efficiency and high temperature output.

2. Quick operation under pressure.

3. Strong freezing resistance,no water leaking problem.

4. Easy installation, convenient maintenance.

5. Completely combined with building, install on wall, roof or ground etc.





ModelNet Absorbing Area ( m2)Gross Area (m2)(empty) Gross Weight ( KG )Head fluid content ( L )17MJ/M2 day warm up 45 C hot water output ( L)





Size of Condenser24*70mm/14*70mm
Length of glass tube1800mm
Outer tube diameter58mm
Inner tube diameter47mm
Glass thickness1.6mm
Glass materialBorosilicate Glass 3.3
Absorptive coatingALN/ALN-SS/CU
Absorption coefficient>92%
Emission  coefficient<8%
VacuumP<3.5*10 -3 Pa
Freezing resistance-35 C
Stagnation temperature>220 C
Net Weight2.24 kg
Hot Water Output (17mj/m2. Day =45 °C)10 L


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Are there different kinds of solar water heaters

 Solar water heaters are divided into two kinds of systems: active or passive. Active solar systems rely upon moving mechanical  parts in order to transport heat, while passive units simply use the sun to accomplish this action. The bulk of systems  installed  are active because they are considered to be more efficient and attractive. However, most of the systems installed  worldwide are passive because they are simple and need no auxiliary power (electricity) to operate.


What is a solar water heater ?

 A solar water heater uses the sun’s energy to pre-heat household water before it enters the conventional gas (or electric)  water heater.  a solar water heater could generate up to 90% of your annual water heating needs.


Which soalr collector is the best value for money ?

Rather than looking at just peak efficiency levels when comparing solar soalr collectors, installed cost per unit of energy  produced is much more logical. For example: Although soalr collector A may be 20% more efficient than soalr collector B, if  soalr collector A is 30% more expensive, then in fact soalr collector B may be a better choice, as per kWh of energy  produced per day it is cheaper. 


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