JBC Target of 3D Wheel Alignment Machine, Hofman Target of 3D Wheel Alignment Machine

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Product Overview


JBC Target of 3D Wheel Alignment Machine, Hofmann Target of 3D Wheel Alignment Machine


Product Description


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Technical Data:

 Power Supply

 110 - 220V/50Hz/60Hz

 Display Accuracy


 Measure Accuracy


 Total Wheel Toe


 Individual Wheel Toe








 Thrust Angle


 Included Angle





Technical Support

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3D Wheel Alignment Spare Parts:


  1. With a 1.3/5.0 million pixel CMOS sensor, the image is more clear, can support a smaller target disk, greatly reducing the weight of the target disk.

  2. With the Ti Da Vinci (DaVinci) high performance video processing DSP and large capacity high-speed DDR2 cache, the image signal were high-speed processing, directly to complete the target disk identification and spatial location calculation, greatly reduce the CPU load.

  3. The camera is fully intelligent, embedded 3D positioning software module, the direct output of the space coordinates of the wheel. Full support for SDK two development, greatly reduce the difficulty of the four round of positioning software development.

  4. The camera is highly integrated, the main chip using BGA and QFN package, chip pin inside the tube, using the placement machine welding. Improve oxidation resistance, reliability, service life extended 2 times, greatly reduce the after-sales service.




This set of turntables is also called 3D turnplates, which is used with the four wheel alignment machine. Each turnplate is packed with two wheel iron bridges. The accessories are manufactured with precise casting technology that it s high intense, wear and tear resistant, flexible and high precise.


Power Supply Unit

Power Supply of 3D Wheel Alignment



HUB Board

Snap-on, Hofmann, John Bean USB Communication HUB Board Unit



Wheel Clamp


  1. This wheel clamp is well known for its control accuracy and performance.

  2. The wheel clamp applies to all kinds of wheel aligners.

  3. The depth of parallelism is within ±0.02mm between steel claw plane and hub plane, when the steel claw is installed on the hubs.

  4. The concentricity of feeler lever axle hole and the circle center fixed by 4 steel claws.

  5. Precision screw with high precision, super mechanical intensity, easy to slide.

  6. The wheel clamp is suitable for all kinds of tires.



RCP Calibration Kit



Lifting Device & Camera Beam

Descriptions of Lifting Device:

  1. Variable height camera support.

  2. It is also shown with standard camera beam assembly.

  3. No need of fixed-position and level surfaces during alignments.

  4. During the alignment process, it is easy to position cameras in range by pressing a button.


Hofmann John Bean 3D Wheel Alignment Clamp Jaw

Hofmann John Bean Car Wheel Clamp Stiffening Plate

3D Wheel Alignment Machine Car Steering Wheel Holder

3D Wheel Alignment Machine Remote Wheel Alignment Sensor

Hofmann John Bean Car Turntable Safety Pin Unit

Hofmann John Bean 3D Wheel Alignment Machine Car Turntable Stand Unit

3D Wheel Alignment Parts Standard Camera Stick

3D Wheel Alignment Parts Rubber Block/Wheel Alignment Ramp Wedge Pads

Car Wheel Alignment Tools Rubber Cord

3D Wheel Alignment Parts Wire Wheel



3D Wheel Alignment


3d wheel alignment camera



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