15hp 2 stroke Enduro outboard motor (60599008135)

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Product Overview


Product Description


Product: EARROW New outboard motor

99% spare parts are compatable with Japanese Spare parts, easy for maintenance 


Our factory Strength:

1.Same with Japanese outboard motor standard parts surface treatment---more anti-corrosion
2.Top cover made by ABS&PP, very flexible and strong ,color made by one-step moudle instead of painting.
3. Oil paint same with Japa PPG painting.
4.Earrow are first OBM supplier use Japan TK carburetor & SOLAS propeller on outboards in China
5.Earrow 15/25/30HP are official brand for government rescue team.

 production line


1,Most die casting parts and plastic parts are made by our own factory, assure the quality control


2,Special surface pretreatment production line, passivated surface made the parts & engine more durable, anti corrosion;


3,Senior engineers used to work in previous BRP (Johnson) Chinese subsidiary plant, we learn from BRP technology, our outboards are more quiet;




metallic surface pretreatment line


15hp 4 stroke outboard motor




outboard motor engine manufacturer producer china earrow yamaha  (11)




2 stroke outboard motor


DimensionOverall length628mm (24.7 in) 628mm (24.7 in)  677mm(26.7in)677mm(26.7in)878mm (34.6 in) 878mm (34.6 in) 878mm (34.6 in) 843mm (33.2 in) 843mm (33.2 in) 
Overall width289 mm (11.4 in)289 mm (11.4 in)322mm(12.7in)322mm(12.7in)363 mm (14.3in)363 mm (14.3in)363 mm (14.3in)399mm (15.7in)399mm (15.7in)
Overall height S997 mm (39.3 in)997 mm (39.3 in)978mm(38.5in)978mm(38.5in)1062mm (41.8in)1062mm (41.8in)1062mm (41.8in)1146mm (45.1in)1146mm (45.1in)
Overall height L1124 mm (44.3 in)1124 mm (44.3 in)1011mm(39.8in)1011mm(39.8in)1189 mm (46.8in)1189 mm (46.8in)1189 mm (46.8in)1273 mm (50.1in)1273 mm (50.1in)
Net weight (S/L)16.5kg/ 17kg16.5kg/ 17kg20.5kg/ 21kg20.5kg/ 21kg38kg/ 40kg38kg/ 40kg38kg/ 40kg53kg/ 54.5kg53kg/ 54.5kg
Gross weight (S/L)21kg/  21.5kg21kg/  21.5kg27kg/  27.5kg27kg/  27.5kg58kg/  60kg58kg/  60kg58kg/  60kg63kg/  64.5kg63kg/  64.5kg
Package Size (S/L)111*51*35 cm³ / 124*51*35 cm³111*51*35 cm³ / 124*51*35 cm³109*60*38 cm³ / 122*60*38 cm³109*60*38 cm³ / 122*60*38 cm³121*71*44 cm³ 121*71*44 cm³ 121*71*44 cm³ 121*72*47 cm³ 121*72*47 cm³ 
Full Throttle Operating Range4500-5500 r/m4500-5500 r/m4500-5500 r/m4500-5500 r/m4500-5500 r/m4500-5500 r/m4500-5500 r/m4500-5500 r/m4500-5500 r/m
Maximum Output 1.8kw/2.5hp2.2kw/3hp2.9kw/4hp3.7kw/5hp7.3kw/9.9hp11kw/15hp13.2kw/18hp18kw/25hp22.1kw/30hp
Idling Speed1200±50r/m1200±50r/m1150±50r/m1150±50r/m1050±50r/m1050±50r/m1050±50r/m1100±50r/m1100±50r/m
TypeTwo StrokeTwo StrokeTwo StrokeTwo StrokeTwo StrokeTwo StrokeTwo StrokeTwo StrokeTwo Stroke
Displacement70.0 cc70.0 cc103.0 cc103.0 cc246cc246cc246cc496.0cc496.0cc
Bore×Stroke 46.0×42.0mm(1.81×1.65 in)46.0×42.0mm(1.81×1.65 in)54.0*45.0 mm54.0*45.0 mm56.0×50.0mm56.0×50.0mm56.0×50.0mm72.0×61.0mm(1.81*1.65in)72.0×61.0mm(1.81*1.65in)
Spark PlugBR7HS-10BR7HS-10BR7HS-10 BR7HS-10 B8HS-10B8HS-10B8HS-10B8HS-10 B8HS-10
Spark Plug Gap0.9-1.0mm0.9-1.0mm0.6-0.7mm0.6-0.7mm0.9-1.0mm0.9-1.0mm0.9-1.0mm0.9-1.0mm0.9-1.0mm
Control System Tiller HandleTiller HandleTiller HandleTiller HandleTiller HandleTiller HandleTiller HandleTiller HandleTiller Handle
Starting System ManualManualManualManualManualManualManualManualManual
Starting Carburation SystemChoke ValveChoke ValveChoke ValveChoke ValveChoke ValveChoke ValveChoke ValveChoke ValveChoke Valve
Gear PositionForward-NeutralForward-NeutralForward-Neutral-ReverseForward-Neutral-ReverseForward-Neutral-ReverseForward-Neutral-ReverseForward-Neutral-ReverseForward-Neutral-ReverseForward-Neutral-Reverse
Gear Ratio2.08 (27:13) 2.08 (27:13) 2.08 (27:13)2.08 (27:13)2.08 (27:13) 2.08 (27:13) 2.08 (27:13) 2.08 (27:13) 2.08 (27:13) 
Trim and Tilt SystemManual TiltManual TiltManual TiltManual TiltManual TiltManual TiltManual TiltManual TiltManual Tilt
Recommended FuelUnleaded Gasoline Unleaded Gasoline Unleaded GasolineUnleaded GasolineUnleaded Gasoline Unleaded Gasoline Unleaded Gasoline Unleaded Gasoline Unleaded Gasoline 
Recommended Engine Oil2-stoke outboard motor oil2-stoke outboard motor oil2-stoke outboard motor oil2-stoke outboard motor oil2-stoke outboard motor oil2-stoke outboard motor oil2-stoke outboard motor oil2-stoke outboard motor oil2-stoke outboard motor oil
Fuel Oil Ratio50:150:150:150:150:150:150:150:150:1
Gear Oil0.075 L0.075 L0.100L0.100L0.250L0.250L0.250L0.320L0.320L




EARROW QC control





Our Services


OEM service 

1% free spare parts (meet the MOQ 50pcs)

Warranty: 1 year for commercial use

Packaging & Shipping



Standard export  carton With White PP foam inside;



The forwarder could be choose by you, we could provide some information of forwarders if you need.FOB Ningbo




Company Information


We are Chinese professional outboard motor manufacturer. All our outboards are CE approval and our factory is ISO9001 qualified.



Earrow always want to  make best quality outboards in China.






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Customer visit


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 Kenya&Russian &Colombia customer visited in  2016


 Shanghai China International Boat Show 2014/2015/2016



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1.     Delivery time: sample 2-3 days, volume order 30 days

2.     CE standard, FOB Ningbo or Yiwu

3.     MOQ:1 unit for sample  

4     Payment: T/T 



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