Best quality!!Hot Sale Competitive Price laser diode for ctp optional kodak ctp plate maker (60603293466)

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Product Overview


Product Description


Technical Advantages:

1. Dynamic Autofocus

With the third generation of dynamic autofocus technology, the accurate position measuring system of Amsky equipments can directly detect such minute distance change as 0.1 microns. Driven by voice coil motor, they can also trace any change in focal length at an incredible acceleration of 30G in order to ensure the continuous accuracy of focal length. The combination of these unique features not only guarantees the deviation of density between any two spots is less than 0.3% in a full page of tint, but also avoids blue marks and blurs caused by tiny dusts on the drum surface.

2. Fast Balance &Auto Switch of Laser Beam

During the plate loading and unloading period, our laser beam balancing system can accomplish the detection and adjustments of all laser energy within few seconds. Laser power can be calibrated automatically before exposing plate every time without any influence in the speed of outputting plates, to ensure each laser burning one the plate with same power, all lines and screen spots are full and identical on every plate.

When any laser channel breaks down, laser beam auto switch system can continue outputting through the rest longest consecutive channel in order to ensure non-stop production and offer users stable and superior practical experience.

3. Auto Constant Thermostatic Control of Laser Chassis

The temperature control system in laser thermostatic shielding chassis can automatically make two-way adjustment to the inside temperature with a minimum accuracy of positive or negative 0.1 degrees. Under optimum temperature conditions, output of laser is more stable and the life of laser is greatly lengthened,

4. Technology of DDS Frequency Multiplication and Drum Auto Balance

The technology of DDS frequency multiplication ensures phase position to jitter within 0.03125 pixels and exposed lines to be both vertical and horizontal.

Auto balance system of drum takes no more than 5 seconds to adjust the drum balance block to a new position, instantaneously switching plates with different size.

5. Accurate Graphic Size Calibration

CTP with external drum has many advantages. However, multichannel scanning may cause the parallelograms distortion in the graphics. Amsky’s unique technology of graphic calibration enables graphics to present perfect rectangles and eliminates dimensional deviation caused by different thickness of plates.The registering precision of one Amsky CTP is 5 microns. Between two, it can be within 15 microns after being calibrated.


Technical Specification:








Exposing Method

External Drum

Imaging System







Discrete 400-410nm laser

Discrete 830nm laser

Output Speed

16 plates/hour

22 plates/hour

28 plates/hour

16 plates/hour

22 plates/hour

28 plates/hour

1,030×800mm 2,400dpi

Plate Size 

Max.1,130×920mm,Min. 400×300mm

Exposing Size 


Media Type 

UV plate, high-sensitive PS plate

Thermal plate

Plate Thickness 





±5μm(Continuous exposure over four times on the same plate with a temperature of 23°C and 60% RH )


USB2.0/USB3.0(Recommended option is USB2.0)

Plate Loading 

First manual, then autoload

Net Weight 


Device Size 


Power supply 

Single phase:200V-240V; Max power(Peak value):4KW


Recommended temperature: 21-25°C Allowable temperature: 18-26°C Humidity: <70%


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Company Information


Shanghai Superluck Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of Prepress Equipment of offset printing plates and plate line equipment, including contact exposure frames, PS plate processors, contact printers, film processors, CTP systems, CTP plate processors, plate stackers, offset plate register punches, plate baking ovens, plate recovery units and spray powder extraction systems. Superluck has broaden prepress strategy into print-related industries.
Back in 1980s, Superluck, previously known as Tianyin, promoted the first set of micro computer film processor in China to work with the international image setters. In 1990s, our company granted English name, Superluck, to extend international market. Superluck promotes high quality PS plate line equipment to the market both at home and abroad. In the brand new century, while the CTP technology is prevailing in the printing industry, Superluck is continuously supplying even better plate line equipment of conventional printing plates and CTP line equipments to suit the new market.
Superluck offers a wide range of prepress equipment to the global graphic industry. By using the world's first class spare parts and technology for all the products, Superluck products have achieved the world's advanced standard in workmanship, function and quality. Superluck establishes a staff team with over 10 years' experience in researching, manufacturing, marketing and service. They are ready to provide the consumers with timely and considerate service of installation, setting, maintenance and training.

Taking into account the company's long-term development and to better serve new and old customers, Superluck aims of manufacturing high-grade as well as advanced pre-press equipment, meanwhile, has broaden its strategies to packaging machinery, consumables, machine parts and other print-related industries. Hand in hand with our worldwide customers, Superluck walks on the more promising and smooth road. Superluck products and services will become increasingly great.

Superluck’s Competitive Advantage
Customers are more demanding today.  It’s no longer just about good customer service, it’s about the customer experience.   Customer’s want fast, friendly and efficient service.  They expect that when they call, you’ll say yes.  If you don’t, their online looking for someone else, someone who will say yes.
1. 7*24hours Sales Professionals are available to be at your service.
2. OEM is able to satisfy different customer’s special requirements.
3. Experienced foreign trade sales to maintain customers’ purchasing easy and fluent.
4. Factory direct supply save much cost for customers compared to trading companies.
5. Instant after-sales services and warranty could be guaranteed.



Our Services


Pre-sales Services

Before you purchase one of Superluck brand products, we would make sure you get the most out of the products you have chosen. That's why we offer these pre-sales services, only aim to help you make the proper product selection in terms of size, specifications and application.

1. 7*24 hours’ service online available, ready to answer your concerns all the time.
2. Experienced advice could be given according to your local market situation for your perfect choice of product.
3. Professional Engineer provides you with meticulous drawing for those customer tailored products.
4. Videos are prepared for your visual acquaintance of equipment products.

In-sales service

Once you choose Superluck brand product, we will try the best to provide you with considerate in-sales services.
1. Make sure all customers’ orders to be arranged in time.
2. Give feedback about the progress of goods.
3. Supervise packing condition to be standard to meet customers’ requests.
4. Cooperate with shipping forwarder on goods’ delivery.
5. Send all original invoices by DHL asap.


After-sales Services

After sales service plays an important role in customer satisfaction and customer retention. It generates loyal customers. A satisfied and happy customer brings more individuals and eventually more revenues for the organization.
After sales service plays a pivotal role in strengthening the bond between the suppliers and customers.
1. Sales Professionals need to keep in touch with the customers even after the deal. One could never ignore any customers’ calls. Call them once in a while to exchange pleasantries.
2. Give customers with necessary support. Help them install, maintain or operate a particular product.
3. Share the manage dept.’s contact to customers by which they can express their complaints.
4. Take feedback of the products and services from the customers.
5. For those products during warranty period, ensure that all spare parts to be provided with no delay.
6. 24 hours’ online technical support. 



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