Automatic Computer Controlled Hydraulic-servo UTM Steel Rebar Tension Tensile Universal Testing Machine

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Product Overview



Product Description


1. It is suitable for doing testing experiments such as the tensile, compression, bending and shear testing for all kinds of metal materials and nonmetal materials such as plastic, concrete.


2. AC Servo motor, ensure good performance for long term.

3. PID control, constant loading and unloading and hold on loading, constant-speed displacement and hold on displacement, constant-speed deformation and hold on deformation

4. High precision load cell


5. Capacity: 300KN/600KN/1000KN

6. Precision: Class 1/0.5

7. Load measuring range: 2%-100%/0.4-100% FS

8. Loading accuracy: 1%/0.5%

9. Displacement accuracy: 1%/0.5%

10. Piston moving speed: 0-70mm/min.

11. Piston stroke: 200/250mm

12. Beam moving speed: 0-270mm/min

13. Effective tensile span: 0-550/ 600/700mm

14. Effective compression span: 0-450/470/500mm

15. Round specimen clamp: dia. 0-32/13-40/20-60mm

16. Flat specimen clamp: 0-15/30/40mm  

17. Clamp width of flat specimen: 75mm

18. Size of compression plate: 205mmX205mm

19. Bending stick distance: 350/500mm

20. Bending stick width: 120mm

21. Bending degree allowance: 150mm

22. Oil pump power: 1.5Kw

23. Beam moving motor: 0.5Kw

24. Displacement testing device: Staff

25. Overload protection: 2-5%

26. Weight: 2000/2800/3000Kgs 

27. Automatic Computer Controlled Hydraulic-servo UTM Steel Rebar Tension Tensile Universal Testing Machine



28.  Clamping jaw: 0-20, 13-40, 40-60mm total 12pcs;

29. Bending testing seat, bending testing plug

30. PC, software, intelligent controller, etc.

31. Optional: Electronic extensometer.  


Our service

1. Production:

Our factory choose high quality material include steel, stainless steel, circuit board, motor, etc. By strict and efficient production and inspection, products are in high quality and possible low cost.



2. Shipment:

We use 9mm and 15mm thick plywood as packing, heavy machine will be packed in high strength to keep it intact during shipment. We ship goods out from company in shortest time and book fast ship to make sure customer can get goods quickly.



3. After sales:

After shipment, we will delivery shipping documents to customer correctly and quickly. Supply one year warranty for all machines, after one year, we will still supply quick and effective after sales solution.



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