OT room system laminar flow ceiling Operating room air flow ceiling (60608663166)

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Product Overview


Products Description

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lLaminar air flow ceilings ensures efficient protection against contamination which can occur during invasive acts and caused by airborne dead or living particles.
The ceilings are available in square or rectangular shapes in order to suit any room layout and answer specific requirements to create a clean zone around the patient, medical staff and medical devices.
Aerobiologically, the things that generate most airborne contamination in an operating theatre are the staff. The most common unit of contamination (colony forming unit – “cfu”) is a microcolony on an airborne skin scale. That microcolony will contain between 1and 1,000 bacteria. (Microbial numbers are a critical factor in initiation of infection).
A significant purpose of operating theatre ventilation is to prevent airborne bacteria from settling-out in « the wound ».
Our laminar flow ceilings are mainly used with our Clinicair Air Handling Unit, but can be also adapted to any type of products
from a different brand. This system is dedicated to operating theatres in order to meet ISO 5 standard (complying with EN ISO
14644-1 ) as well as to pharmaceutical industry. It helps fight cross contamination and hospital borne infections.

Reduction of the germ load of indoor air
Surgical smoke removal in the protected area
Occupational safety and protection of the surgical staff
Compliance with the required air cleanliness class in the protected area
Discharge of cooling loads
Maintenance of the required room pressure (protective pressure
Compliance with the ventilation comfort parameters such as air speed,
temperature, degree of turbulence, humidity and sound pressure level
Adherence to the defined illuminance of the priming illumination
in LTF ceilings
Complete ceiling solution for jointless connection to the rest of the
ceiling and integration of the room lighting and optionally the ceiling
pendants or media bridges
The effectiveness and functionality of LTF ceiling systems have
meanwhile been proved by numerous studies and confirmed by independent hospital hygiene committees!

Clean operating room grade standard

Maximum average concentration of bacteria by sedimentation method (plankton method)
Air cleanliness level
Reference surgery
Operation Area
Around area
Reference surgery
Around area
 0. 2cfu/30min
 φ90 (5cfu/m³)
 0.4 cfu /30min
φ90 (10cfu/m³)
Prosthesis implants, certain large organ transplants, surgical site infections can directly endanger life and quality of life and
other operations
 0. 75cfu/30min
φ90 (25cfu/m³)
 1. 5cfu/30min
φ90 (50cfu/m³)
Major surgery involving deep tissues and major organs of life
 2. 0cfu/30min
φ90 (75cfu/m³)
 4. 0cfu/30min
φ90 (150cfu/m³)
Other surgical procedures
 6. 0cfu/30min φ90
Infection and severe contamination surgery

Product packaging

Stretch film strapped whole cabinet,
Foam inside protected,
Plywood case solid fixed
Samples be shipped by DHL/FedEx/USP and so on

Mass production be shippinh by Air or Sea

Company Profile

Factory Gate
Dongguan Yaning purification Technology Co.,Ltd. islocated in Dongguan city Changan ,is a set design development, production, sales, construction professional installation services in one purifier manufacturers, the company is committed to the purification industry for more than ten years, the South China purification technology industry’s most Powerful enterprises.the main products used in
health care, electronices technology ,bio-medicine ,food,precision instruments aerospace, automoble manufacturing and many anotherareas.
1.FFU ,air shower room ,cargo air shower ,HEPA filter ,horizontal clean bench ,pass box ,clean booth medical bench and so on
2.primer,middle and HEPA filter ,sub-high efficiency filter
3. undertake 100-300 thousand class level clean room design and construction of the project commission inspection and maintenance.



Production Process




Q1: What kind of pass box you make?
A: We can make pass box by customer order.

Q2: Are you really manufacturer or trading company?
A: We are indeed filter manufacturer over 10 years experiences and work with many brands for dozen years.

Q3: What price term do you accept?
A: Normally quote FOB price or CIF, others as per to customer required.

Q4: What Payment term you are running?
A: We currently do 40% deposit and 60% pay before shipping.

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