PL301 12v dc water level sensor for deep wells with alarm (60609682300)

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Product Overview


PL301 12v dc water level sensor with alarm



This series of pressure sensor is featuring small size, stable performance and mass production.It is a Piezoelectric pressure sensor applied in HVAC , air compressor,air conditioner,pipeline pressure testing,liquid pressure system,pressure switch,industrial,water treatment and hydraulic pressure test. It is work as industrial pressure measurement can be use as engine fuel pressure sensor, gas pressure industries,  hydraulic pressure sensor, oil pressure sensor, water pipe pressure sensor, steam pressure sensor, pipe pressure sensor, pressure sensor lpg, The pressure sensor are made of 316 stainless steel. The pressure sensing elements and chips are selected from German international brands. The products are approved with CE, intrinsically safe, and explosion proof certificates, so can be use in gas, lpg industry.

Product Description




Main Features of PL301 resistance level sensor

1) Wide range application. 

2) Long service life. 

3) Diffused silicon oil-filed sensor cell. 

4) CE certificate. 

5) Reinforcement cables optional. 

6) Intrinsically sate ,explosion proof.


Description of hydrostatic level sensor

PL301 capacitive water diesel tank level sensor with CE&ISO series fuel oil level sensor adopts high performance diffused silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor as the measuring element series pressure transmitter is a high reliability, high stability, high accuracy and small volume level transmitter with part structure. Widely used in measurement liquid pressure and height in small inside diameter pump as well as level height of liquid reservoir, such as water, oil and mild corrosive liquid.

We offer special ventilate cable that resistance to abrasion, oil, acid & alkaline and strength according to on-site environment.

PL301 capacitive water diesel tank level sensor with CE&ISO has got intrinsic safety certification, explosion proof certification and CE certification.

After long-term aging time, PL301 capacitive water diesel tank level sensor has stable and reliable performance, It can adapt to the harsh environment outdoors.


Detailed images of PL301 water level sensor

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Speifications of PL301 water level sensor

pressure medium liquid compatible stainless steel
pressure ranges 0~0.5 m H2O...200 m H2O
overload pressure 150%FS
output signal 4~20mA, 0.5 ~4.5V, 0~5V
accuracy 0.5%FS (standard)
load resistance RL = (U-10)/0.02(ohm) (4~20mA current output), >20Kohm (voltage output)
long term stability 0.2%FS/year
supply voltage 24VDC ,12VDC 
compensated temperature range-40~85°c
operating temperature range0~+85°c
storage temperature range-40~+85°c
temperature coefficient of zero 1.5%FS (Max)
temperature coefficient of span 1.5%FS (Max)
insulation resistance100MΩ@ 250VDC
Pressure connectionscrew thread, throw-in type you can OEM
Protection grade IP68 
material of wetted part and housing1Cr18Ni9Ti
material of pressure membrane316L
Response time1ms


Outline Dimension of PL301 water level sensor


 level transducer output.jpg


Applications of PL301 water level sensor resistance

1.Hydraulic monitoring

2.Frequency water supply

3.Liquid measuring for petroleum ,metallurgy
4.City water supply

5.Sewage treatment

6.Tank level monitoringT

7.Water-saving irrigation

8.Circulation fluid monitoring

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Company Information


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Certificates of our pressure sensor

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Contact us


If you have any questions, please contact us

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1.Q: How long is the delivery?

   -- Mostly within 10days

 2.Q:Can I get a sample? 

   --  Sure, contact our sales please

 3.Q:What is your MOQ? 

   --  1pcs

 4.Q: How about warranty time? 

   -- 12-18month

 5.Q: How can I visit your factory?

  -- Fly to Xian Yang air port, it’s our pleasure to pick you up.

 6.Q:How do you control your quality ? 

    -- We have EPR system .we control from parts, process, testing, packing ,retesting.

        Every Sensor will be tested two times before reach you, after that sport test for the third time. Make sure about the quantity.


Ordering guide:

In order to recommend the suitable sensor, please kindly advise us the following information

1..What is your testing medium ?  oil, water, gas, waster water, or others.

2.Working temperature of the sensor ?  -40°C~100°C or others

3.Pressure range ?  -1-0bar,0-1bar,0-16bar,0-40bar,0-100bar,0-600bar or others

4.Output signal?  4-20mA, 0-5V ,0.5-4.5V,0-10V,RS485 or other

5.Electronic connection ?   DIN43650 ,Packard, Aerial plug, direct cable or others.

6.Screw ? M20×1.5,G1/4,G1/2,R1/2,NPT1/2


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