Компьютеризированная кожа для машины по производству ремней

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Computerized leather for belt making machine

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Number of hooks192/240192/240/320/384384/448/480/512192/240/320/384
Number of tapes8664
Width of reed27424266
Maximum of tapes25404062
Number of frame12121212
Number of hooks 384/448/320/512/640/720  192 
Number of tapes 4  6 
Width of reed  66 27 
Maximum of tapes  64 25 
Number of frame  12 12 
Circulation  1:8/16-32 1:8/16-32  
Speed  500-1200rpm 500-1200rpm  


Main Features

Main Features

1.The open warp is horizontal construction.The iron frame runs at proper speed without having too much noise enhancing the stability and reliability of the machine.

2.The integration solenoid valve setting is small in size and sensitive while working.

3.Being the most advanced micro electronic jacquard unit, its construction is simple and compact, and it is easy to maintain.

4.The tension of warp is controlled automatically with the help of advanced technology

5.The easy-dismounting construction of monofilament can lessen the workers’ labor intensity.

6.The unique CAD printmaking system for woven tape is easy-to-use and is featured by the externally self-locking.

7.The woven flower shape is showed on windows directly and clearly.

8.Equipped with a built-in program and data system, the control system can record and show all kinds of producing data.It can also show all kinds of producing data.It can also show the fault point and its reason, and copy the data on time when accident happens.

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