ZTE ZXR10 8900 Series Switch Power Supply RS-8902-DCPW

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Product Overview
ZXR10 8900 Series Terabit MPLS Routing Switches are high-end modular switches featuring big switching capacity, full L2/L3/MPLS service capability, high-performance, superior reliability and enhanced security. ZXR10 8900 is designed for the core/aggregation layer of the campus network and Datacenter.

ZXR10 8900 include four models: ZXR10 8902, 8905, 8908 and 8912. Multiple kinds of line card modules are available for the 8900 switching platform while one specific interface module can be equipped on any of these four switch types, providing maximum flexibility and protecting hardware investment for user.
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Advanced Features

Robust Hardware Architecture
ZXR10 8900 adopts a large-capacity and high-speed serial bus backplane to connect the main control board with all service line cards. The control module and switch matrix are integrated in one main-control unit and can provide 1:1 redundancy. A large-capacity switch matrix is used to guarantee sufficient switching capacity for the system. The control board uses a high-performance CPU and large memory to ensure adequate computing power and storage space for speedy protocol processing and quick look up in big table structures. Each line card provides packet processing capability at wire speed through ASIC and offers 10G, 1G and 100M interfaces to different services.

High Performance Software Platform
For software, the ROS operating system of ZXR10 8900 is a multi-task, real-time operating system. It is responsible to manage the hardware architecture of the entire routing switch, providing a unified operation platform for the applications. Based on the VxWorks kernel, task scheduling, process collaboration, data-structure synchronization, memory management, and time management can be well-implemented.
With a software platform featuring high efficiency and loose-coupling relationship between different functional modules 8900 would bring maximum reliability for user, especially when it is deployed at a critical network position.

Large capacity/High performance
Targeting for the aggregation or core layer of the network, ZXR10 8900 is designed to have big switching capacity and high performance for high quality multi-service bearing purpose.
Taken ZXR10 8912 as an example, ZXR10 8912 supports up to 1152Gbps non-blocking switching capability, or 857Mpps packet forwarding capability; it has 384K routing table depth, 512K MAC table depth and can provide 4096 VLAN , 10K ACL per interface module.
ZXR10 8900 also supports extremely abundant types of line cards. Users can choose from a wide selection of line cards to meet their unique demands of interfaces, fulfilling their customized requirements for their network, and protecting their network investment at the same time.

Powerful Service Bearing Capability
ZXR10 8900 supports L2/L3/L4 full-rate switching and full metro Ethernet service bearing capabilities, including MPLS and multicast, adding more new value to the network when deployed at core/convergence layer of the network. It also supports hardware-based Qos mechanism like traffic accounting, classification, rate limit and queue scheduling to help users deploy value-added services.

Excellent Security
ZXR10 8900 supports complete ACL security filtering mechanisms. It's able to provide security control based on MAC/IP address, or based on application layer port number. Meanwhile, it also supports uRPF, anti-DDOS attack, SSH2.0 security management, 802.1x access authentication, port number and IP address binding, etc.

Comprehensive MPLS related Features
ZXR10 8900 fully support L2 MPLS VPN based on draft Martini, and L3 MPLS VPN based on RFC2547. The standard realization of L2 VPN and L3 VPN enables the internetworking of 8900 with devices from other vendors. The equipment also supports MPLS-TE to better utilize network bandwidth and enhance network reliability.

Carrier-class Reliability Ensure Ever-online Services
Key modules of ZXR10 8900, such as system main-control units and power supply modules all adopt 1:1 backup design.
When deployed in layer 2 environment, ZESR/ZESR+ (ZTE Ethernet Smart Ring) and ZESS (ZTE Ethernet Smart Switching) can be used to realize fast switchover in case of single point failure.
ZXR10 8900 supports both close ring ZESR and open ring ZESR+, which are a very good network redundancy solutions in ring topology networks.

ZESS is a very simple yet effective means to realize dual-homing purpose.
Compared with STP, the biggest advantage is that the link will switch and recover quickly when one way is disconnected and the time needed to switchover is less than 50ms. ZESR/ZESR+ support VLAN load balancing to enable efficient utilization of redundant links.
Service reliability requirements can be met with full support to all kinds of redundancy/backup mechanisms including VRRP, LACP, FRR, NSF and BFD.

Excellent Operation and Maintenance Design
The ever-accelerating growth of network service makes fast deployment of network service become more and more important. ZXR10 8900 can be used together with ZTE's unified network management platform to provide customers service configuration, management, problem diagnosis, and performance monitoring means.

Customers can understand the network operating status at any time. The deep inspection carried out by intelligent OAM tools simplifies trouble-shooting and makes the network management much easier.

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