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 raw sugar refining processing line 


it is a raw sugar refining white sugar processing line



Starting with a new Sugar Refinery it is important to consider the design for the number of purification steps to be included and the specification of each stage. This will be covered in more detail later pages but it is important to look at the options for handling higher than expected colours and the savings that occur if the decolourising duty is less. Also the boiling scheme adopted and the blending pattern will have a great influence on the final configuration of the Refinery. The essential features of organisation of refinery will be :-

1. Raw sugar will be imported.

2. Adequate Storage of Raw Sugar in Refinery

3. Coal is Required for steam and power generation

4. Adequate Storage of Refined Sugar.

5. Suitable distillery for Molasses produced.


Steam Consumption

Normally Steam Consumption is 1.2 to 1.4 MT / MT of Raw Sugar

Best Achieved Steam Consumption is around : 0.65 MT/MT of Raw Sugar


Water Consumption

Normally Water Consumption is 100-150% Of Raw Sugar

Best Achieved Water consumption is around : 20 % of Raw Sugar


Power Consumption

Normally the Power Consumption is 55-60 KW/MT of Raw Sugar

Best Achieved Power Consumption is around : 45 KW/MT of Raw Sugar




The Factory Complex Layout is governed by the need of the main process requirement. In preparing the Layout, the function of each building and its relationship with each other has been kept in mind.

The building and the areas in the Refinery Complex can be broadly divided into following categories :-

1. Raw Sugar Unloading

2. Raw Sugar Store

3. Refinery

4. Boiler House

5. Power House

6. Workshop

7. Sugar Drying and bagging

8. Refined Sugar Warehouse

Trucks carrying Raw Sugar enters the Complex through a Gate House and to Weigh Bridge Cabin Which is provided with weigh bridges for the weightment of tare and empty trucks. Sufficient area has been provided for parking of the Vehicles. After weighment, the trucks are taken to Raw sugar unloading station.

Raw sugar is stored in bulk in a Store and having a roof slope of 30o.

Located adjacent to the Raw Sugar House is Main refinery Building having suitable size, Power Plant and Boiler will be situated near to Raw Sugar House. The layout and area of the house is such that Plant could have an easy expansion from existing MT per month. Sufficient space should be given for empty bag store and Store keeper Office has been provided.

The chemicals required for the process are lime, resins, phosphoric acid, sodium chloride, etc. These are stored in the consumable store and are located on the same road as that of general store for easy unloading from trucks.

General Store

The Electrical and Engineering stores of suitable size has been provided to north of the Raw Sugar House.

Coal/ Natural Gas Storage

Coal Storage /Natural Gas for steam boiler and steam turbine

Molasses Tank of suitable Storage capacity for 180 days of steel construction is provided at the back of Refinery

General Administration Office is at the left of entrance road, whereas the Factory Office is located within the Refinery House.

A Canteen Building has been provided just behind the General Administration Office. A number of Toilet Blocks Have been Provided. The Factory Complex is enclosed by a compound wall. Two gates are provided, one for sugar entry and the other for remaining traffic. At the entry gate, a Time and Security Office is provided.

Water treatment and storage tanks are provided at the back.



We are a professional company of sugar making machine, and making sugar has 20 years of experience.

Design according to the actual requirement of the customer ,sugarcane treatments ranged from 50-1000t/day.


This line contains :

       1 raw sugar cleaning


       2 raw sugar weighting and melting

3. Juice evaporation plant

4. Boiling & crystallization plant for A.B.C massecuits

5. Turbine ,steam generation & distribution

granulated sugar equipment

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