18 months Warranty CHINA Loginfly CE Automatic metal Cutting Band Saw

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 Hydraulic Bundle Cutting Band Saw Pipe Cutting Saw Ce

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Product NameHigh Efficient Precision Metal Band Saw Copper Cutting Machine For Sale
Model NoCH-500HA
Max DiameterRound500mm
BladeSpeed25/45/75 m/min
Size41×1.3×5860 mm
Motor power





Chip Clean


Workpiece ClampHydraulic
Machine weight2000kg
Machine size(L×W×H)2635×1210×1885MM


Automatic band saw

Automatic band saw machine Features:

1. Automatic CNC sawing machine, suitable for mass production continuous cutting.

2. Using PLC control system, you can set a group or several sets of data continuous cutting, repeat feeding accuracy of 0.2mm.

3. Color touch screen operation, man-machine interface to replace the traditional button control panel.

4. The use of grating control feed length, a single maximum feed stroke 500mm, more than 500mm length can be divided into multiple feed.

Use instructiongs of Metal Cutting Band Saw:

1.Band sawing machine operation and repair personnel must undergo professional training, grasp the band sawing machine operation and repair skills. Operators should ensure adequate sleep and keep the energy focused.

2.Before you change the speed, you have to stop the machine and then open the protective cover, turn the handle to make the belt loose, place the triangle belt in the groove of the required speed, tighten the belt and cover the shield

3.When adjusting the iron chip removing wire brushes, the wire brushes should make contact wire with the tooth of the saw blade, but not beyond the tooth root. Pay attention to observe wire brush to remove iron.

4.According to the size of the workpiece, you need to adjust guide arm along the dovetail and lock the guide device after adjustment.

5.The maximum diameter of the cutting material shall not exceed the requirements and the work piece must be held firmly.

6.With the proper degree of tightness of saw blade, speed and feed amount must be appropriate.

7.When making Iron, copper, aluminum products, cutting fluid is banned.

8.If the blade is broken, after the replacement of new blade, you must turn the work piece and resaw.

9.The operator is strictly forbidden to leave the job, and it is forbidden to operate with gloves.

10.Every time you are off work, you must cut off the power supply, open the protective cover, remove from the chip around the cutting wheel.

Band Saw cut video

Automatic band saw cutting video 

Semi Automatic band saw cutting video

-60 ~0 ~60 degree machine cutting video 

Angle rotate machine video  

LoginFly Company:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFjaEAO5iA4

Automatic Band Saw CH-330HA :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG6CVwSqojg

-60°~60°Angle Cutting machine CLS-650:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiYsXe5kj3o

Heavy Duty Band Saw machine CH-1000: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARquL0D9TsY

Semi Automatic Machine CH-4070 :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0om5PxQsUuE

Cutting Line Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiNGzg7uCpE



Company Information


 Our team in China sawing industry especially band sawing machine and band saw blade industry has accumulated rich experience and established a set of technical training machine tool manufacturing, application for the integration of production and research and development base and sales service center. 
In 1985, we beginning to manufacture  band saw machine, until now we got rich experience in this scope, we also have OEM experience more than 15 years, there are more than 10000 sets Machine we do OEM as customer's requests.            
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