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skin care pearl powder



BrandPearlpurinActive ingredientProtein, Calcium carbonate
Raw materialMedicated grade pearl powderShelf life24 months
Featureskin beauty, medicine usedLoss on drying<2%(110°C)
StorageStore in cool and dry area, keep away from strong light
Nitrogen content≥0.25%SolubilityNo
Protein≥1.35%Pb As Hg
PH9.5~10.5Taste neutral
Microbial count<100/gCalcium<40%
Particle Size100~600MeshAverage particle size200M


For thousands of years, the freshwater pearl has been a symbol of beauty and wealth in Asia, the pearl is a signification for purity, strength, energy and serves as one of the main components in the Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), Besides their usage in TCM, freshwater pearls have also been used for topical applications.



Skin moisturization and hydration

Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle

Improvement of skin firmness and smoothness

Promotes growth of new skin cells

Skin repair

Stimulation of cutaneous fibroblasts

Widely used at cosmetic additive and health supplement










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We own the distinctive technology of “flow and speed at a low temperature: to ensure the active ingredients of pearl powder shall not be destroyed.


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We could supply the free sample, and you just need bare the freight


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Q1 what is pearl powder?

pearl powder is a natural source of calcium made from the choicest freshwater pearls mainly in China. Pearl powder contains lots of amino acids and trace elements which are beneficial to human body.


Q2 what is the effect of pearl powder?

To help improve the appearance of the skin.


It is widely used as a treatment for acne as it is thought to have a purifying effect on the skin, to be good for sensitive skin, and to be effective at fading acne scars.


It can complement calcium and enhance immunity ability through metabolism, playing a role of adjusting and caring skin,stimulating new cell and continuously renewing surface of skin to make skin smooth, soft, rosy, elastic, showing natural pretty.


With pure natural pearl powder, it brings about unimagined whitening, delicate and refreshing effects to skin, and improve skin's resisting ability towards sunlight damage.


Promotes healing, soothes inflamed tissues, brightens the eyes, calms the skin, alleviates spasms and tremors.

Anti-inflammatory, detoxicant, anodyne,Applied topically to ease inflammation and promote healing.


Can relieve uneasiness of the body and mind, improve acuity of sight, detoxify and promote granulation, used for insomnia, epilepsy, nebula, healing ulcer.


Make skin smooth, velvety, white and have good effect to senile and coarse skin.


Make skin white and gloss, eliminate black spot, can slow down senile and wrinkle.


Have the functions of filling, healing, anti- inflammation, promoting granulation for facial furuncle, whelk and wound.


Q3 What is the application of pearl powder?

Cosmetic raw materials: such as mask.


Cosmetic additive: such as Deodorants, Lotions, Milk, Lipsticks, Mascaras, Powders.


Health supplement: such as capsule, troche.


Q4 Why there are so many different price of pearl powder in market?

    • Sources different

    • Grade of pearls different

    • Particle size different

    • Manufacturing technology different

    • Production condition different

    • Heavy metal content different

    • Bacterial content different

    • Nutrient content different

    • Others.


Q5 How to distinguish the quality of pearl powder

According to its hand feeling, color, mesh, smell, raw material, technology and so on.


Q6 What’s your delivery time?

We will delivery within 3 days after payment (except holidays).




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