Multi-function Safety Tank Shower Eye Wash Station

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Guardist New Generation Multi-Functional Compound Shower Room & Eye Washer

As new generation compound shower room and eye washer, it's have multi-functional besides basic eye wash & shower functions which including adding water tank on the top of the room. Set water heater system & water cooling system& add the alarm light on the top. It can be widely used at jobsites and laboratories in the fields of pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, electronics, semi-conductor industries where dander tends to occur unexpectedly. In the event of chemical or poison spill accident, this equipment can minimize the damage and harm to the user by delivers water to rinse contaminants from user's eyes, face and body. As compund emergency aid equipment,   It manufactured in according with ANSI Z358.1-2004 Standard which including sets code for length, height, flow volume and spray area etc. Ergonomically designed with two spray heads. Height and angel of the heads are based on human face proportion to provide the most comfortable using feels.

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Detail Informations

(1)Shower Head: Based on the American standard requirements and our unique design, one time stamping molding shower head have total 94 holes and the edge is half hole which can create the perfect water spay area.

(2)Pipe &Pull Rod: Good quality 304 stainless steel tube content with more than 8% nickel and wall thickness 3.0mm. Both inside and outside is finished with fine polishing. sophisticated materials, sophisticated technology.

(3)Spray head: One time stamping molding use seamless 304 stainless steel and combined with inner welding 

(4)Flag handle: Bright Yellow. Luminous. Easy to recognize even in the dark.

(5)Nozzle: Made by 3 layers stainless steel net and layer PP net which ensure the equipment have a clean water source.

(6)There are reinforcement holding frame on three sides of the wall. Each side have five 4 * 1cm curved hole which consistent with the principle of aesthetics and practical to make the inner wall more beautiful and useful. Not only have a good reinforce of the room but also it can be set some hooks to put necessary items on it. Such as soap, eye drops, cloths etc.

(7)The floor assembled by 2 removable punch plate which have total 234 round holes. With scientific designed, 10mm diameter holes that perfectly ensure the water can be drain in time and prevent other things drop in.

Punching plate is divided into two removable pieces which is easily to disassemble and clean.

(8)30-degree angel of the bottom plate will drain the water more efficient.

(9)Windows on the Pvc sliding door not only allow people easily observe the internal situation but also make a good protection of use’s privacy.

Detail Informations

(10)There have water tank above the shower head equipped automatic water refilling device than will start work once water storage is low.

(11)The tank is equipped with both water heating and water cooling functions. Provide you with a more comfortable and more reliable using experience in anytime.

(12)The external handling box is been reinforced and can be operated under various poor conditions.

(13)The top of the tank has an alarm light and it will be tricked once the room in using.

(14) Customize is available

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Wood crate packing

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