HH A109 high quality foam laminating machine

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Product Overview


HH-A109 high quality foam laminating machine





To laminating fabric and foam have two kinds machines:

net belt lamianting machine  -- normal laminating

glue lamianting machine -- high quality, high request

it uses for textile, non-woven products on plastic composite. glue point transfer technology, and glue the form of a point-like evenly transferred to the lining, and then with a face cloth composite, so as to form one. Composite fabric resistant to dry cleaning, sand, washing, tec. 



HH-A109 is our glue powder transfer laminating machine, using oil glue to laminate fabric and foam.  high quality machine to laminate foam, glue onside with other materials. Finished products sample showing as below:





specification for manufacturer fabric to foam laminating machine:


power supply380V 50HZ three-phase / 220V 50HZ two-phase
Effective width1800mm Customized according to material width
roll width2000mm according to the material width customization
heating drum specificationsØ1500 * 2000mm
heating method of electric heating
coating methodglue point transfer coating
mechanical design speed  5-50m / min
machine power 68kw
Dimensions (L * W * H): Approx. 12000 * 2450 * 2100mm
machine weightabout 5500kg



use for manufacturer fabric to foam laminating machine:

Mainly used for clothing fabrics, no cashmere, fleece, plush, nonwovens, towel cloth, cotton, denim, TC cloth, lace cloth, leather, sponge, woven cloth, PU leather, PVC leather and other materials Between the complex. Widely used in clothing Jackets, Fang Hanfu, thermal underwear, urine pad, car interior, shoes and hats, luggage, decoration, home textiles and other industries.



character for manufacturer fabric to foam laminating machine:

1. Machine in the conventional glue point on the basis of the machine to upgrade the automatic correction, automatic alignment, automatic opening, automatic blowing waste and other functions. So that the composite material is more uniform coating, compound formation, no tensile deformation, no blistering, no wrinkles, soft, excellent air permeability, winding neat and so on.

2. Composite materials and more varieties, especially for fabrics and fabrics, fabrics and double-sided or four-sided stretch knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics and leather, sponge and flannel, sponge and leather materials such as composite coating;

3. Collection, unwinding can be based on different materials, to choose the appropriate configuration;

4. According to the characteristics of different materials, can increase or decrease part of the device;

5. Applicable to water-soluble and solvent-based adhesive coating composite, to achieve a multi-purpose function.

6. The amount of glue and the type of coating can be adjusted according to the material and the actual needs.

7. Drum heating can be done by means of electricity, steam or heat transfer.

8. The width of the machine roll surface can be specified according to the maximum width of the actual material.

9. Machine system can be used intelligent PLC program touch screen or mechanical to operate control.



machine photo:




working process photo:





composed details parts for HH-A109 manufacturer fabric to foam laminating machine





packaging & shipping


  • Machines well packed with protective film and loaded in export container;
  • English version operation manual and technical data;
  • One-Year-Period wear parts;
  • Tool kit




our services

Before-sale services:
(1)Guide customers to choose the best appliable machine type; provide the advanced, energy-saving and practical technological process,
(2) We are responsible for the process chart and design.
Sale services:
(1)Products must be inspected strictly before selling;
(2)In accordance with the agreements stipulated in the contract,
(3)We will organize delivery.
After-sale services:
(1)Our company will send professional engineers to guide with device installation, debugging and training operators until customers are fully satisfied. Moreover, we will design and manufacture products, according to the special requirements of customers.
(2)The quality guarantee period for machines is one year except the wearing parts.




company information

our workshop around 5000m2 area, we professionally make laminating machine, spreading machine, winding machine...etc for many years. 

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our functional machines from our company

laminating machine-- general laminating machine, mesh belt laminating machine, strong glue laminating machine, super glue laminating machine, adhesive tape laminating machine, Guiltter laminating machine.

spreading machine -- semi-spreading machine, automatic spreading & cutting machine


 in these years, we researched one new type machine, UD laminating machine, special equipment. 






welcome to visit our company, please feel free to contact with us of following information



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