GALOCE 2022 HOT SALE ODM OEM variety of size compression single point load cell weight sensor

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GPB144 Load Cell For Beehive Scale
How to control the status of bees at any time? How to prevent the beehive from being lost? How to monitor honey weight? Our many European beekeeping customers choose to install load cell on beehives, design SMS communication technology,monitoring of beehives. Galoce GPB144 200kg parallel beam load cell, suitable for installation in the middle of the bottom of the beehive, the good creep of the load cell can ensure that the weighing accuracy of the beehive is not affected by long-term measurement, the measurement is stable, and the use time is long, the first time you can grasp the dynamics of the beehive, so that bee production can be informatized and digitized, and beekeepers' property losses can be effectively reduced.

GPB100 Load Cell For Smart Shelves
The advancement of Internet of Things technology, micro-processing technology, sensor technology, and people’s pursuit of quality of life have enabled the retail industry to quickly enter the era of unmanned vending. Smart devices represented by gravity-sensing unmanned vending machines have become this Hot spots.
Based on its own strong accumulation of weighing sensor technology, GALOCE provides load cells units of various specifications. The load cell of GPB100 single point load cell has a range of 10~120kg and high accuracy. The output signal is divided into analog and digital. It can be used in open shelves, warehouse shelves and other occasions that require intelligent management.

GPB180 Load Cell For Packing Machine
The weighing packaging machine is a key component of the packaging industry, and has been widely used in food, concentrate, grain, daily chemical products, chemical plants and other industries. And gradually develop towards the direction of automation technology. GALOCE GPB180 load cell is designed for automatic packaging machine equipment, with high accuracy, good stability, and easy installation. 4-20kg capacity. And GALOCE ODM team can customize the size for your packaging equipment.





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