Roaster spit salamander heating machine BBQ gas burner THD700

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Chongqing Haodong Technology Co.,LTD is the first and only company who apply rare-earth catalytic combustion technology on infrared burner & heater, this kind of technology could save 20% energy than non-catalytic infrared heater. Now we are specialized in Gas Burner, Infrared Burner, Gas Heater, BBQ Burner, Bakary Oven Burner, Industrial Burner.. 

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Roaster spit salamander heating machine BBQ gas burner HD538


Specification of other replated burners            

ModelDimensionN.G.Gas TypeHeat outputGas Comsuptionpower

portable industrial lpg gas burners HD668 Advance

Energy saving:conversion rate:≥90%

Environmental protection:CO≤80ppm;NOx≤10ppm;CHx≤50ppm

Taking full usage of heat:95% of energy released in the form of infrared ray ;heating the objects directly

Long life:≥11000hr

Easily installed

 Flameless infrared heater ceramic plate

Products Application scope

This kind of infrarec catalyst gas burner now are widel used in shawarma/kebab/Gyros machine, bbq grill/stove

oven,gas cooker,chicken roaster/grill/oven,other cooking,catering or kitchen eqiupment...

 Flameless infrared heater application

infrared bbq burner application

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