02350CGY OceanStor S5500T V2 Storage SAS1200-10K-2-3

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02350CGY OceanStor S5500T V2 SAS1200-10K-2-3

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02359217 SWITCH-PCIE: PCIe switch (AC, 2G cache, 16 ports, SWE1603P05)
02359224 SWITCH-GE: GE switch (24 * Ethernet port, AC)
03056121 S55T-PCIE-BOARD: 5G PCIE interface board (with dual NT ports)
88032EXY LIC-S5500T-PART: Intelligent cache partition

88032KGC S55-LUN-DEST-LC: S5500T Smart LUN Destruction Software Suite Basic License
88032QAJ S55-LUN-MIR-LIC: Volume mirroring license
88032UDN S55-SCACHE-LC: Smart cache usage license
8803G0KT LIC-S5500T-SNAP-1: Snapshot functionality

 According to the status quo of storage products and future development trend of storage technology, OceanStor S2200T / S2600T / S5500T / S5600T / S5800T / S6800T storage system is a new generation of high-end storage products, which can meet the needs of large and medium-sized enterprise users for mass data storage, Data access, high availability, high availability, green and easy to use requirements.

T series provides a high-performance, all-around solution for users based on the integration of file-level and block-level data and storage protocols, with industry-leading performance and multiple efficiency promotion mechanisms. (OLTP / OLAP), high-performance computing, digital media, Internet operations, centralized storage, backup, disaster recovery and data migration, and other business applications to meet the needs of large-scale database.

T series with a high-standard hardware structure, combined with a variety of advanced data applications and data protection technology, the storage system with high performance, high scalability, high reliability and high availability and other characteristics to meet the large and medium enterprises of the storage products Requirements.

1. Unified storage
SAN and NAS storage technology, unified storage protocol

2. High performance
T series with three performance acceleration technology, can gradually enhance the storage performance to meet the needs of a variety of applications on the storage performance. Level 3 performance acceleration includes:
High-specification hardware acceleration, SmartTier technology acceleration, SSD (Solid-State Drive) hard drive acceleration

3. High scalability
The T-Series offers excellent scalability, supporting multiple hard disk types and host interface modules, allowing the controller to scale smoothly from two to four (not for the S2600T). At the same time, the host interface module density is also in the industry-leading level, resulting in excellent high scalability.
T series supports the hard disk type, host interface module types include:
16Gbit / s FC, 8Gbit / s FC, GE, 10Gbit / s TOE, and 10Gbit / s FCoE host interface module types: SAS, NL-SAS and SSD;

4. High reliability
The T-Series protects against component failure and power outage, while also reducing the risk of hard disk failure and data loss by using advanced technology to ensure high system reliability.
Component failure protection, power protection, hard disk repair bad sectors, hard disk data pre-copy

5. High availability
T Series uses TurboModule technology and online expansion technology to avoid routine maintenance operations interrupt the operation.

6. High system security
Management channel security, operating system security, protocol and interface anti-attack, system management and maintenance security, data encryption transmission, data storage encryption, data destruction, business interface and management interface isolation

7. Virtual, intelligent and efficient
T series combines the "virtual, intelligent and efficient" advanced design concepts, in line with the most advanced storage design ideas. Compared with traditional storage, T series has higher storage space utilization, faster data reconstruction speed, more intelligent performance distribution technology and more sophisticated quality of service control.

8. Economical, easy to use
T series uses intelligent fan speed control technology and CPU intelligent frequency conversion technology to ensure the economy in the use of the process. T series also provides a variety of management and maintenance tools to enhance the use and maintenance of ease of use.

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