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Product Overview



   AR interactive graffiti, the perfect combination of scanner and touch screen, truly a two-in-one, self-developed four colorful holographic scenes. This product is an interactive three-dimensional nurturing game that incorporates graffiti and interactive projection. The game contains a variety of theme scenes. Children can graffiti their favorite colors for small animals. After the painting, the small animals created by the children are given a “living life” and appear live in the scene. Become a painter with magic and draw a variety of live animals.




One game has two different gameplay

Projection painting (gameplay 1): It is composed of a scanner and a large projection wall surface (or LED screen), and a coloring card that can be used by children can be colored. After the painting is completed, it is recognized by the scanner that the children can see the images they created appear in the wall projection world. Children can also interact with touch.


Touch screen painting (gameplay 2): It is composed of multiple multi-touch tables and large projection wall surfaces (or LED screens). The children can do graffiti filling on the touch table, and the drawn image can be directly flicked from the touch table to the large display wall. Instantly “live” in the scene can also touch the painted image to interact.




1. The game is rich in content, beautiful picture quality, simple operation.

2. The product can exercise children's perception of color to inspire children's natural curiosity, inspire children's creative inspiration.

3. Our products not only can cultivate children's practical ability, but also leave a good memory for innocence creation.

4. Parents can play with their children, tacit cooperation, to enjoy a good time.

5. The game contains 4 different interactive scenes, sophisticated screen, rich in templates, support for multi-touch games at the same time, pinpoint to a certain point.

6.We use the integrated chassis, easy to install, small footprint, system performance more stable, cost savings and installation time.


Structure & Feature


Sketching and painting interaction system



Product Composition (single screen God stroke painting machine)



software section





1. Sketch aquarium

2. Sketch animals

3. Sketch Halloween

4. Sketch the world of ice and snow

5.Dinosaur world

6.Sketch town







Hardware parts


1.Dual-core central control host, wireless mouse and keyboard and remote control.


3.EPSON x29 (3000 lumens, 1024 * 768)

4. Projector hanger

5. Hdmi line, audio line, serial line

6. Laser * 2 (or 3)

7.Power adapter

8. Interactive camera

9. Green USB extension cable

10 scanner+ button

Note: If you want to replace some of the interactive machine parts, please contact customer service staff, we will give you the most satisfactory answer. (But after replacement will not be able to use all-in-one machine)







If you have your own computer and projector, you can choose this version, but you'd better have a person with professional skills.


Product composition


Essential part of the game

1. scanner+ button

2. Interactive camera 1 (giving Green Union USB extension cord)

3. Sketching and painting interaction system(dongle)

4. Laser * 2 (or 3)

5. Power

6. Accurate interactive system




Commercial exhibitions, museums, science and technology museum exhibitions, entertainment interpretation, large children's playground,theme parks and other places.

The actual application of the picture environment.













Q1: Can I buy hardware in my own country?

You can buy projectors, computers, and regular computer equipment. Sensors can only be purchased from us.

 Q2: Can I buy any other projectors?

Yes. Just give us the size of the projector, and we'll customize the system to your needs.

 Q3: If I buy the basic version, can you teach me how to install the system?

Yes, we will provide you with a detailed user manual and an installation video. We will assist you with the installation of the software through remote control.

 Q4: Can you design new effects for me? Custom-made software for us?

Yes. You can play your imagination, tell us what you want and then we design.

 Q5: What is the delivery time?

After payment, 3-5 business days after the offshore time.










Packaging and transportation


EXW Wuhan


Inside is a foam plastic, outside the carton and wood packaging.

Delivery Time:

Within 7 - 10 business days after receipt of deposit (except Sundays and holidays)

Payment terms:

T / T

Supply capacity:

200 sets / week (except Sundays and holidays)

Shipping Information:

Air, Sea, UPS, DHL, FEDEX Express

We eliminated the use of wooden box equipment, this is more secure, more secure!


We eliminated the use of wooden box equipment, this is more secure, more secure!

After-sales service:

* Survey and counseling support.

* Game system installation technical support.

* Hardware non-human damage, one year quality assurance, software upgrades enjoy the service

* All our products for life after sale service.

* Free game update within one year.

* Provide 24-hour telephone or network technical support.


Custom clearance & duty

1. The goods we will name as “samples”,when deliver to you and low price vaule on the invoice for customs,which will save your money for imported duty.

2. If you need us list the real product name and price in invoice, please tell us or leave us the messages.

3. Because different countries got different customs,it's will be the buyer's responsibility.


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