Высокоскоростная ротационная угловая шариковая ротационная штамповочная машина для формовки плитки цветная глазурованная сталь 198-230 мм 8-12 м/мин-/

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Product Overview


High speed Rotary corner bead rotary punching pattern machine


This High speed Rotary punching L corner bead  wall angle L trim roll forming machine is with high speed, the speed can achieve as high as 45 meters/min. It is with a rotary punching system. this rotary punching is a kind a rolling punching system. this rotary punching system is fast then the electric punching system.

packing list
1decoiler1 set
2Rotary punching machine1 set
3recoiler1 set
4PLC computer system1 set

rotary punching   (2).jpgrotary punching  .jpgrotary punching.jpg

High speed Rotary corner bead rotary punching pattern machine

The machine need two mold to produce different size. And we also improve the machine with no stop cutting,the totally speed will be 45m/min.High speed Rotary corner bead rotary punching pattern machine

Also the High speed Rotary punching L corner bead  wall angle L trim roll forming machine main machine body is with a servo power, so that to make tsure the speed of the machin running.


This rotary unit is at the entry end of a combination "accessory" (corner bead/j-trim/v-trim) roll forming line with a rotary punching unit and a servo-driven rotary shear to pre-cut the strip before it enters the roll forming operation. This is a quick-change line with rolls pre-mounted to run up to four (4) accessory shapes for metal building trim. The rotary unit is fixed with the roll former adjusting front to back to run each profile.

Rotary units can punch "cross louvers" which are louvers that are 90 degrees to the material flow (shown here), and also standard louver patterns for eve vents and ridge vents which are shown below.

Shown here is high speed rotary unit producing a standard louvering pattern used to produce eve vents, ridge vents and a multitude of other parts.
For normal-style soffits, the venting openings are usually "lanced loops" done in a stand-alone powered rotary unit or basic pull-through unit which is either stand-alone or takes the place of a forming station in the roll former. These options do not limit the roll former's speed at all.

High speed Rotary corner bead rotary punching pattern machine
"Passive Solar" Panels: This high speed rotary unit shear-forms "loops" in 60″ wide steel building siding panels. This unit can take the place of a slow press/feed operation and can run at speeds up to 60 (+) fpm! This design is much less risky, much faster with less maintenance than punching dense patterns of small holes to achieve the same air flow.

High speed Rotary corner bead rotary punching pattern machine
This is only one example of a corner bead rotary punching pattern. There are a great variety of patterns for corner bead, and they can all be run in rotary units identical to this one. This unit can run at speeds of up to 60 fpm. This can be a stand-alone powered unit or stand-alone and simply pulled through by a roll former.

High speed Rotary corner bead rotary punching pattern machine

corner bead L trim corner protector steel angle making machine included below sections:

Manual decoiler,Feeding material into machine ,Roll forming machine ,Measure length ,Hydraulic cutting ,Receiving table

2. Profile drawing for your reference :

High speed Rotary corner bead rotary punching pattern machine


Below is some specifications of the main roll forming section:


   1  machineForming steps9 stations


2  Shaft diameter40mm


3  Design typeMemorial arch frame type


4  roller materialGCr12MoV


5  shaft material45# steel


6  Work speed10-25m/min


7  TransportBy gear


8  Power of main machine3 kw


Below are some machine detail picture for you:

High speed Rotary corner bead rotary punching pattern machine


Company Information

Cangzhou zhongtuo roll forming machinery co., ltd as a manufacturer since 1996, we are specialized in manufacturing color steel forming machine, light keel machine, c&z purline machine, glazed tile forming machine, welded tube mill, steel structural floor panel roll forming machine and so on. We can provide you one station, non-stop service. Our machines have been exported to 90 countries, such as Canada, South Korea, Russia, Holland, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India, Brazil as so on. Our company insists on the service aim: Quality First, Credit First. We believe that we can make the future cooperation and achieve win-win.

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Why choose to cooperate with us ?
1. We are professional manufacturer, we can produce best quality machine for you.
2. We have strong design ability, we can design machine as your requirements.
3. We have much experience for installation and training experience overseas.
4. We have successfully exported our machines to more than 90 countries.
5. We provide one year machine warrant and whole life technical support.



1. Do you have after sales support?
Yes, we are happy to give advice and we also have skilled technicians available across the world. We need your machines running in order to keep your business running.
2. How to visit your company?
a.Fly to Beijing airport: By high speed train From Beijing Nan to Cangzhou Xi (1 hour), then we can pick up you. b.Fly to Shanghai Airport: By high speed train From Shanghai Hongqiao to Cangzhou Xi(4.5 hours), then we can pick up you.
3. What can you do if the machine broken?
Our machine's warranty period is 12months, if the broken parts can't repair, we can send the new parts replace the broken parts freell, but you need pay the express cost yourself. if after warranty period, we can through negotiation to solve the problems,a nd we supply the technical support for the whole life of the equipment.
4. Can you be responsible for transport?
Yes, please tell me the destination port. We can help you to do the shipping if you need. we have rich experience in transport. We can give you the cheaper freight and send the machien to your country port.
5. Why your price is higher than others?
As we persist on that each factory should put quality at the first place. We spend time and money on developing How to make machines much more automatic, accurate and high quality. We can make sure thatour machine could use more than 20 years without any problem. We can provide 2 years free qualityassurance.
6. How long the machine could be made?
Normally speaking, all the machines could be made without 45 working days. But if you need machines in a hurry, we can make it for you less than a month 


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