high quality Magnetic metal detector

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Magnetic metal detector





≥ 95%

AC220±22V, 50HZ, 1A



Multifunctional Rice Polishing Machine








AC220V±10%, 50Hz


Nitrogen Determination Apparatus






AV 220V/50Hz, 1000W














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 2_04.jpgTechnical parameter : Measuring object: Cereal, Mai Lei, vegetable seed, soybean, vegetables seed, corn, feed and so on nonmetallic granulated matter. Test accurate: ≤±0.5. Repeat accurate; ≤0.2 Test range: 3~35. Use temperature: 0~40. Power resource: 6V Off automatic.2_06.jpgThe apparatus uses four roller continuous three grinding structure, multi-channel grinding process is simplified toone-time completion, but also could be obtained products close to commercial Flour Ash, flour yield and baking quality. It is a kind of general precision experimental flour mill which has four characteristics: 1 fast grinding, large treating capacity; 2 fixed grinding cavity spacing, stable sample results and long life; 3 small size, simple operation and maintenance. 4. Cost-effective.2_08.jpgMagnetic Metal Meter is acting according to GB/T 5509—2008 "food, fuel testing, powder determination of magnetic metals". It is easy operation ,and widely used for research department such as product qualtiy flour processing supervision , grain storage and so on .2_10.jpgLTJM-2099 Multifunctional rice polishing machine has the advantages of simple operation. It’s the prefect instrument for judging the quality of paddy rice and examining yellow-colored rice, disease spot, abdominal white and imperfect rice.2_12.jpgDistillatioCharacteristics: 1. Adopt microcomputer controlling process; include manual mode and automatic mode. Can be set and switched according to user's need. 2. Large array LCD display, touch key, easy to operate. 3. Automatically control distill, add water .control water level are cut off water supply. 4. Various security protections: digestive system security device, steam generator water shortage alarm, water level detection fault alarm. 5. Stored operation procedure quantity: 250 6. Instrument shell adopts specially made plastic spray steel. Working area adopts ABS anticorrosive board, Avoid chemical reagent corrosion and mechanical surface damage, acid proof and alkali proof. 7. Once detected fault, controlling system will power off automatically. 8. Digestive furnace is not included in standard configuration.

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1.Minisize instrument:Carton packing

2.Medium and small equipment:Wooden packing

3.Large equipment:Nude2_17.jpg



Q1:What is seed cleaning?

This is the process of removal of any foreign material or low quality, infected seeds and different crop varieties. Seed cleaning is that segment of the seed industry responsible for upgrading seed & improving planting condition of seed .This help in increasing the quality of the seeds hence ensuring increase in Farm productivity.

Q2:When should seed cleaning be carried out?

Seeds should be cleaned immediately after harvest. If the seeds are very moist and cleaning is done by machines, it may be necessary to dry the seeds within 12 - 16% moisture content before cleaning to prevent damage.

Q3:How should cleaning be done?

Cleaning should be done in a way that causes the least damage to the seed and does not waste good seeds.

Q4:Is seed cleaning something I can do myself to reduce costs?

Professional seed cleaning represents a small percentage of the final cost of finished goods. We see great value in the services we offer and hope to have an opportunity to work with you.

Q5:Can One Machines work on different seeds?

We also use individualized, seed specific settings on our machines to limit unwanted scarification. We provide number screens to be fitted on single machinery to our work on different variety of seeds

Q6:How quickly can you turn-around my order?

It depends on whether you have order single machine or complete plant, but generally speaking it takes only three week time after the receipt of order.

Q7:Capacity mentioned on the machines are input or output capacity?

Capacity mentioned on the machinery is the total amount of seed/grain machines it can handle per hour and in other words it is input capacity.

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