Натуральное низкоплавкое волокно 4Dx51mm, Полиэфирное штапельное волокно LMF, низкоплавкое волокно (60657205327)

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Product Overview


Product Description

low melt fiber 4Dx51mm-polyester low melt fiber

  • 100% virgin polyester quality, China origin,

  • low melt polyester staple fiber, polyester low melt fiber, low melt fiber

  • 4Dx51mm

  • 275kg/bale, 9.9ton/20GP, 23.925ton/40HQ

  • used as a kind of glue application in non-woven,


low melt fiber 4Dx51mm-polyester low melt fiber


raw white,

Regular Finess


Regular Length


Melt point

110 centi degree


Nonwovens, construction, etc


1 ) Specialties

Non Woven

Excellent Bonding Properties, Excellent Durability, Easy Mixing Properties with other Fibers, Excellent Resilience

Autumotive Use, Bedding, Industrial Use, Hygienic Materials


"Low Melting Bonding Fiber"

Low Melt polyester staple fiber, which is produced by bicomponent spinning of general polyester and modified polyester, can be melted at lower temperature(110~200∩) than normal fiber and bonded with other fibers.

Bonded with other fibers Non-woven fabric made with Low Melt polyester staple fiber


2 )  Advantages

· Excellent Bonding Properties
  Low melt polyester staple fiber provides diverse melting points generated through controlling seath part (modified polyester)

· Excellent Durability
  The bonding strength after being combined with other fibers hold out semipermanently.

· Easy Mixing Properties with other Fibers
  Homogeneous properties between LMF and various Fibers make blending easy on line.

· Excellent Resilience

  The formation of non-woven fabric made with LMF is simple and excellent.

· Low melt polyester staple fiber can be recycled.


3 )  Applications

· Autumotive Use: Car-Interior, Doortrim
· Bedding: Mattress, Quilting, Padding
· Industrial Use: Engineering Material, Construction Material (Soundproofing, Insulation), Filter
· Hygienic Materials: Hygienic Bonding, Clothing


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