Durable Scratch Proofing Ruby Tipped Coil Winding Nozzle with 0.3mm Inner hole (60660111127)

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Durable Scratch Proofing Ruby Tipped Coil Winding Nozzle with 0.3mm Inner Hole

Material : Ruby+ Tungsten Carbide 

Quantity: One Pcs





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Ruby tipped coil winding nozzle guides:


(Ruby Nozzles) also call wire guide tubes,wire guide eyelets,wire guide needles.It is 

used on coil winding machines and cable machines for wire guide.it is made of stainless 

steel and ruby by precise processing and combination.The rigidity of ruby is above than

 level 9 and is just less than that of diamond.Ruby tipped coil winding nozzle guide is a 

single crystal and can be made with high brightness and cleanness. It can effectively 

protect paint film and ling term continual work. In using ,it with very low damage for the 

enameled wire. Combined with good toughness characteristics of stainless steel, 

finely processed mosaic combination, more than twice lifetime than the tungsten 

carbide nozzle in the same environment using .


Key advantages of Ruby Tipped Coil Winding Nozzle:


1) High Wear Resistance
This is assured by the choice of materials for wear elements possessing. Hardness Value

1800 ~ 2200Vickers, or 3times that of case hardened steel. Body material is stainless

steel for structural supports, not wear-bearing.
2) Scratch-Proofing
Eliminate wire insulation film damage, low friction resistance, stable wire tension. The

wire-guiding surfaces are mirror finished by diamond lapping to a surface roughness of

2 -4 micro inches Ra or better, material permit.
3) Straightness and Stiffness
Straightness and Stiffness are defined by the wire exit being concentric and inflexible

with respect to the nozzle locating? . In plain terms, the wire should exit from the nozzle

concentric to the locating? To within 0.02 mm, with or without load. A geometric

characteristic presentation is shown at upper left. Concentricity to within 0.01mm.
4) Precise Exit Radii
Because the coil winding nozzle's Exit Radii governs the angle of the wire exit from one

coil to the next, it should be monitored to + / - 0.025 mm. This is done by digital

measurement, shown at upper right.






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