Camping Equipment Survival Super Mini Starflash Micro Signal Mirror

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Camping Equipment Survival Super Mini Signal Mirror --- LM-M004

Acrylic mirror + PC
51*38 MM
Signal Mirror
Best for
Camping, Wilderness Survival, Outdoor Sports, Bushcraft, Jungle Life
Ziplock bag, OPP bag, blister cardboard or custom box
2 days for 1000pcs

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Camping Equipment Survival Super Mini Signal Mirror: 


1. This survival mirror is an essential component for your outdoor activities
2. Use sunlight to aim the signal with pinpoint accuracy
3. Especially applicable in the wild to send survival signals
4. Can effectively use this signal mirror to seek rescue
5. Can also be used on cloudy, overcast days or in the night with artificial light
6. Also can be used as an everyday mirror
7. Neck strap for ease of carrying

Over 90% as reflective as glass, yet far lighter
Scratch resistant coating on mirror surface
Aim accurately with the trademarked StarFlash Technology
Unbreakable and Float
Combination of four essential survival items: Signaling mirror, whistle, compass; Portable and compact design will add more convenience for your hiking, camping, etc; It is a very necessary tool for your outdoor activities


1. Reflect light from mirror into your hand.

2. Slowly bring mirror close to your eye and look through star at the reflected light in your hand. A bright light spot will show in the star: this is the aim indicator.

3. Hold mirror close to your eye. Slowly turn and angle mirror so the aim director is on the object you wish to flash.

4. Continually sweep the horizon even if no one is in sight. Signals can be seen for many miles, even in hazy weather.

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