Induced Draft Dry Cooling Tower

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The tower enclosure is made in special alloy (Mg-Al-Zn) coated steel panels, originally imported from Nippon Steel or Posco. These panels exhibit superior corrosion resistance, and self-heal when scratched during the service period. The panels are bolted and sealed for water tightness. The casing is complete with maintenance access doors for internal inspection convenience.


The dedicated dry cooling coils in GKM Series is used exclusively for the purpose of dry cooling, fitted with particularly shaped aluminum fins around the coils tubes, to maximize surface area of heat transfer. The standard coils tubes is made in stainless steel 304, of tube wall thickness 0.6mm, or red copper of wall thickness 0.8mm. Different thickness can be met on request. Each coil is tested under continuous nitrogen gas pressure of 30 bar for 24 hours, to ensure no leaking point. 


The axial fan(s) are fitted with resin or al-alloy airfoil blades perfectly balanced and coupled to a weather proof three-phases electric motor. The fan casing is a galvanized steel cylinder to draw the air vertically and avoid the risk of recirculation. The tip speed of the impeller is limited to keep the noise

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Model Selection Guide

Below information are normally required to know for selection of a most proper tower model and solution:

(Explanations: Where the cooling towers will be used for? e.g. for HAVC system, Air Compressors, Melting Furnaces, etc.)
* Water Flow Rate:
(Explanations: How many Tons of water required per hour?)
* Inlet Water Temp.:
(Explanations: Temperature of hot water to be cooled)
(also described as water temperature drop)
* Outlet Water Temp.:
(Explanations: Temperature of cooled water, usually it shall be at least 3~4 °C higher than the wet-bulb temp.)
* Ambiant Temp.:
(Explanations: Highest wet ambiant temp. of the location/area or city to install the tower is essential to know to evaluate the size of towers)
* Power Supply:
(Explanations: 380V/3 Phases is standard, which we could have in stock, but for customized towers, the delivery time could be longer)

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