CHAENG cement production plant construction project with EPC service (60671520085)

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Product Overview


CHAENG cement production  plant construction project with EPC service

Product Description

Application: Cement Plant Thermal Power Plant

Annual Output : 150,000-750,000 tons

Process Type : New Dry Process

Blaine Fineness : 3300-3800 cm²/g


Cement production line is the production line construction project composed by a series of corollary equipments which are used for product cement.Our Satisfied Customer Return Ratio with the support of our skilled Cement Plant expert we are successfully installing cement plants in India, Middle Asia ,South America and South African countries.Great wall supply process design,civil construction,complete equipment,installation and trial run,technical services,the general contracting. Our complete production line are: 6000t/d cement production line,5000t/d cement production line,3000t/d cement production line,2500t/d cement production line, 1500t/d cement production line,500t/d cement production line,300 t/d cement production line construction.


Process Description

1.Crushing: during the process of cement production, most of the raw materials need to be crushed. Limestone is the largest amount raw material for cement production, so the limestone crushing has an important position at the material crushing in cement plants.

2.Pre-homogenization: Raw material pre-homogenization technology is achieving the raw material initial homogenize by scientific stacker and reclaimer technology during the storage and reclaimer process of raw materials, ensure that the raw material ground has the capability of storage and homogenize.

3.Raw materials homogenize: At the dry process of cement production, stabilize the raw material ingredient is the premise of clinker sintering, raw material homogenize system is used for stabilize the raw material ingredient inlet the kiln.

4.Preheat and decomposition: We use the preheater to finish the raw materials preheat, replace part of the capabilities of rotary kiln and reduce the length of rotary kiln. The materials finished heat gas exchanging inside the rotary kiln under the state of suspend and preheat.

5.The right of gas-solid separation: When the airflow with material powder get into cyclone, and were forced to do rotate flowing at the annulus space between cyclone barrel and inside barrel while doing downward movement.

6.The precalcining: Great wall precalciner technology is a technological leap of cement calcination process. It is added between the preheater and calciner kiln using kiln tail rise flue, set the fuel injected device, so that the process of carbonate endothermic exothermic decomposition of the fuel combustion process and raw materials, in the decomposition furnace to the suspended or fluidized state quickly, so that the decomposition rate of kiln feed is increased to 90%.

7.Sintering: After completion preheater and precalciner, next process is carried out into the clinker kiln firing. The carbonate rapidly resolved and occur a series of solid-phase reaction in rotary kiln to bring the mineral into. As the material temperature close, the liquid will become minerals dissolved in the liquid phase reaction and generates a large number. After the clinker burning, the temperature began to decrease. Finally, the cement/clinker cooler unloading the kiln cooler temperatures to the downstream transport, storage libraries and cement mill can withstand the temperatures of hot clinker while recovering sensible heat, improving system thermal efficiency and clinker quality.




1.Timely And Fast Delivery

Chaeng Machinery is equipped with large steel foundry and machining workshop, which ensure the fast and high-quality production of the related equipment of cement production line. Besides, the goods are delivered in time, reducing time costs of customers.

2. Excellent Service

The company provides all-round service to customers, including project design, operation training, roller surfacing, millstone maintenance, technical support and so on, making customers use our products safely and produce efficiently.

3. Mature General Contracting Project

The company has a domestic first-rate technical team, and cooperates with domestic chief vertical roller mill experts. The company can design detailed general contracting project according to the actual situation of customers, and provide one-stop turnkey service from building projects to production and operation.

4. Advanced Dry Process Cement Production Technology

The cement production line launched by the company adopts the well-received new dry process cement preparation technology, which reduces heat consumption effectively, reducing production costs and improving the benefit.



Service & Surport

CHAENG has 60 years of experience in large-scale kilns and mills production, and aims to be an advanced comprehensive service provider of grinding system. In the development, we always adhere to the business philosophy of “Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit” and launch a series of measures to improve customer service. Providing customers with one-stop overall service solutions before, during and after sales, we truly let customers experience "Be at ease when making choice, free from worry when using equipment, feel comfortable when accepting services"

EPC service

In order to ensure the smooth progress and completion of the entire project, CHAENG has launched a valuable service plan of “1 equipment with 8 services”. It provides full guidance from the previous project, raw material testing to final production, making customers feel worry-free all the way.



Technical Services

CHAENG has been cooperating with top domestic research institutes and industry experts for a long time and owns a professional technical team of more than 80 people. It has 1 domestic advanced powder test line of vertical mill and ball mill, more than 60 sets of testing equipment of various materials and concrete, and has rich analysis ability of various powder materials, which can provide scientific and professional industrial waste system solutions for customers.


Spare parts service

CHAENG has a large casting base in the north of Henan Province, and also one of the few large casting bases in the same industry in China. It has more than 500 domestic and foreign advanced equipment with strong processing capacity and perfect detection methods. All main components of the equipment are self-sufficiency with the fast delivery. It can provide fast, high-quality spare parts custom services for a long time for the customers.

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