Lankeda high quality build surface PEI sheet PEI1000 PEI build plate with film and adhesive 3D Printing Build Surface (60672102083)

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Lankeda high quality  build surface PEI  sheet PEI1000  PEI build plate with film and adhesive 3D Printing Build Surface 

Material : PEI/ULTEM1000


Thickness: 0.1-0.8mm, 2mm etc 

 Diameter : 200mm, 203mm,254mm, 305mm 

Other common use size :200x200mm  250x270mm 305x305mm etc  

 Can be customize :Yes 


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PEI (Polyetherimide) , also known as Ultem, is a reusable, relatively maintenance free, build surface for both ABS (with a Heated bed) and PLA (hot or cold), other materials such as Metal, Wood, PETG, ABS+ and many others also works just fine. You don’t require any additional adhesives such as glue or tape. PEI is appealing due to its "no-surface-prep" conditions, which make it convenient to work with. Additionally, printing on PEI requires no support rafts as parts adhere directly to the surface with no issue.


How To Use.


PEI is easily cut to size by scoring with a hobby knife. Laminate your sheet of PEI using 3M 468MP Adhesive Transfer Tape that came with the PEI sheet to a glass/mirror print bed, keeping in mind that 3M 468MP is a very sticky tape that is prone to clumping. Once you have laminated your sheet of PEI onto your glass, simply re-level your print bed and print away. Parts should come free from the surface with almost no issue at all. PLA does not require heat, but turning the heated bed up to 45C helps. After the print is done, just let the plate cool down and then gently you can just “pop” the model off the plate.


Before each print, wipe your PEI surface down with 70-91% Isopropyl alcohol, to ensure that you wipe away any grease or other residues that may have accumulated on the surface. This will help increase your surface adhesion greatly.

Use isopropyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, or soap to clean your PEI after use. In other words, PEI can be cleaned through the use of Isopropyl Alcohol, which will theoretically help adhesion should you lose it.



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Our promises


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  If you have interests in our products or any questions about our products,please don’t hesitate to contact us,our sales team can provide the information what you want to know.

If we are not online, please leave your name and your contact details,as email,skype,trademanager and your telephone number,we will contact you as soon as possible in 24 hours.


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